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Apps at your Fingertips! From the EzSpec™ launch screen, each App icon intuitively helps you identify and select the analysis you want to perform with a simple point and touch.

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Сегмент: Scientific
Подразделение: Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Производитель: HORIBA Scientific

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Watch how EzSpec software performs the Pass/Fail


EzSpec Software obtains a concentration curve

EzSpec Software executes a Protein A280 concentration

EzSpec Software discovers Fluorescence profiles in about 60s

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Standard Apps:

  • Build/Use a Concentration Curve
  • DiscoverEEM
  • DNA/RNA Purity (A260/A280)
  • Pass/Fail
  • Protein A280


EzSpec lets you see your recent method and data, and your personal favorites.

Widest Range of Spectroscopic Acquisition Modes:

  • Fluorescence emission spectra plus Abs & IFE*
  • Fluorescence excitation spectra plus Abs & IFE*
  • Capture fluorescence value plus Abs & IFE*
  • Fluorescence EEM plus Abs & IFE*
  • Fluorescence kinetics (emission spectra* or single point intensities)
  • Absorbance and % Transmittance (spectra or kinetics)

* Unique to Duetta

Acquire Menu

PDF Report Generator or Export:

  • Includes data and results of fitting/processing
  • Full method details
  • 2D and 3D graphs
  • Instrument and user identification information
  • Customizable logo
  • Optional and customizable signature fields
  • Full data and method traceability
The Power of Duetta and EzSpec Software for Biological Applications
The Power of Duetta and EzSpec Software for Biological Applications
Duetta is an analytical instrument capable of recording both the fluorescence and the absorbance of a sample. Absorbance data provides concentration-dependant information on non-fluorescent compounds. Through its user-friendly software, Duetta allows different measurements related to biomolecules like DNA, RNA and proteins including protein concentration, DNA/RNA purity, finding the concentration of an unknown sample based on a standard-based calibration curve, Pass/Fail testing and all standard fluorescence and absorbance related measurements. All these functionalities are possible through dedicated applications in EzSpec™ software for Duetta.
Protein A280 for Protein Concentration
Protein A280 for Protein Concentration
The new HORIBA Duetta fluorescence and absorbance spectrometer offers many unique benefits for molecular spectroscopy. It is primarily thought of as a spectrofluorometer that combines absorbance and fluorescence spectroscopy to correct the fluorescence fingerprint for concentration-related effects. Duetta can also be used as a precise absorbance spectrometer. This application note explores the use of Duetta for a common absorbance application, the Protein A280 application.

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