History of HORIBA 2020s


November, 2020

Centrifugal nanoparticle analyzer Partica CENTRIFUGE, is released. 

December, 2020

HORIBA announces to participates in a project to analyze samples collected from asteroid Ryugu by asteroid explorer Hayabusa2.
HORIBA's X-ray fluorescence analyzers are used to perform non-destructive, non-contact analysis of elements contained in the samples.


February, 2021

HORIBA Institute for particle analysis in AIST TSUKUBA is established.
Creation of a healthy and safe environment, and high value-added product manufacturing

February, 2021

HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE completes construction of new head office building.
Strengthening business by selling experiences through application proposals and consultation

June, 2021

The new base that handles everything from development to production and to after-sales service, HORIBA C-CUBE is completed in Jiading District, Shanghai, China.

June, 2021

HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE begins Initial analysis of samples collected by asteroid explorer Hayabusa2 from asteroid Ryugu.
Using the X-ray fluorescence analysis equipment to perform non-destructive, non-contact analysis of elements contained in the samples collected from Ryugu. 

July, 2021

The new research institute, the HORIBA Institute for Mobility and Connectivity 2 (HIMaC2) is established at UCI.
Aiming to take a lead in the realization of a sustainable energy society and create new businesses and technologies in the fields of energy efficiency, environment, and safety.

July, 2021

BeXema GmbH joins the HORIBA Group.
Enhancing offering capacities within the power electronics field.

July, 2021

HORIBA is announced IRLAM ™ technology, a unique technology that brings new value to gas analysis. Contribute to carbon neutrality and the reduction of environmental impact.

December, 2021

The latest generation of the HORIBA Particle Inspection product line, reticle / mask particle detection system PD Xpadion is released.


February, 2022

HORIBA India opens a new facility with both hematology and clinical chemical reagent manufacturing.

April, 2022

HORIBA FuelCon’s new facility "HORIBA eHUB" is completed and started the operation, which leads the new energy business as the center of excellence of Center of Excellence for the Battery, Fuel Cell, and Electrolyzer. 

April, 2022

HORIBA is a co-sponsor of the theme project "Amplification of Lives" for the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.

June, 2022

Utano Agu with HORIBA, Ltd. wins the Women's Recurve Individual at the Archery World Cup in Paris. (*The photo is provided by All Japan Archery Federation.)

July, 2022

HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE participates in the detailed analysis of the samples collected from the asteroid Ryugu, following the participation in the initial analysis.

October, 2022

The world’s first* Gel-filled self-cleaning pH electrode using antifouling technology is launched.
*As a glass-electrode pH meter based on internal research as of September 2022


April, 2023

French company Tethys Instruments SAS joins HORIBA Group. 
Enhancing capabilities/product lineup for system to measure water quality.

October, 2023

U.S. company Process Instruments, Inc. joins HORIBA Group. 
Bolstering industrial process monitoring technologies through the acquisition.


Febuary, 2024

HORIBA formulates new Mid-Long Term Management Plan (MLMAP2028).
“MAXIMIZE VALUE” by organically aligning HORIBA’s core technologies to address customer needs.