History of HORIBA 2010s

Accelerate faster reaching the foundation 60th anniversary


Atsushi Horiba receives the Légion d’honneur from the French government.
February, 2010

Atsushi Horiba receives the Légion d’honneur from the French government.


HORIBA Instruments Vietnam office
January, 2011

HORIBA Instruments (Singapore) Pte Ltd. in Hanoi (Vietnam) is established.

February, 2011

New plant in Shanghai (China) is completed.

February, 2011

HORIBA starts the new Mid-Long Term Management Plan (MLMAP).

May, 2011

Water quality analyzers, LAQUA, are released.

September, 2011

HORIBA relocates Tokyo office due to strengthening domestic sales.

Octorber, 2011

HORIBA Instruments (Singapore) Pte Ltd. in Jakarta (Indonesia) is established.


January, 2012

HORIBA restructures the North America subsidiaries to accelerate faster and efficient of North America business.

May, 2012

Next generation monitor exhaust gas analyzer, MEXA-ONE, is released.

July, 2012

Blood cell count and CRP measuring equipment is carrying out a full scale expansion into India.

August, 2012

Aso Factory, the biggest factory of HORIBA Group, is completed.

September, 2012

HORIBA (China) Trading Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Technical Center is established.

October, 2012

HORIBA opens its brand new 7500m² European research centre near Paris, France close to the renown French Ecole Polytechnique Campus.


March, 2013

HORIBA aquires  U.S. company Cameron's process analytical product line.

April, 2013

HORIBA concludes transfer agreements with TOPCON CORPORATION for electron beam technology.

August, 2013

HORIBA Advanced Technology Center (provisional name) is established on the head office of HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd.

October, 2013

HORIBA agrees on joint research with Tsinghua University in China for environmental monitoring technology.

November, 2013

HORIBA participates in the project among government, industry, and academia in France, and support for next generation photovoltaic cell development.

November, 2013

Industry's first transportable glucose analyzer for medical professionals with BluetoothⓇ is released.

December, 2013

Japan's first plasma emission controller for the highly functional film deposition equipment is developed.


February, 2014

HORIBA aquires Photon Technology International to expand its reach in the biomedical field.

February, 2014

Reagent factory for hematology test starts running for the first time in India.

March, 2014

HORIBA accelerates products supply and local productions of Medical equipment for the first time in China.

June, 2014

US headquarter is moved.

HORIBA gatheres business bases in order to enhance the business supervisory function at the first place of overseas operation.

June, 2014

New factory in Brazil is completed.

September, 2014

HORIBA (China) Trading Co., Ltd. is relocated to a university, the research institute accumulation district.


April, 2015

Engineering center is established on the premises of HORIBA INSTRUMENTS (SHANGHAI) CO., Ltd.’s factory.


HORIBA’s state-of-the-art technology center is completed.

June, 2015

HORIBA merges two Korean subsidiaries to strengthen cooperation in our automotive business.

HORIBA accelerates the synergistic effects between exhaust gas and automotive testing.

July, 2015

HORIBA acquires UK based company MIRA Ltd to expand its vehicle development and testing business.

July, 2015

The new development building of France’s HORIBA ABX is completed to enhance product development capabilities with entry into new areas of the market in mind.

August, 2015

The industry’s smallest A3-size particle analyzer is released.

November, 2015

Stack-gas analysis system for thermal power generation is released to support the next generation of high performance thermal power generation with twice the previous pressure resistance.

December, 2015

The world’s first* micro-sampling pH monitor is developed. It successfully reduces the required sample amount by 99%.

*Based on a survey by HORIBA


The new "HORIBA Stained Glass Award" is established to recognize *HORIBARIANS with scintillating individualism that charms in a variety of areas.

*The word "HORIBARIAN" refers to each person working in the HORIBA Group, including part timers and contract employees.


Chemical solution monitor that can measure up to 8 individual constituents simultaneously –the world’s highest* is released.

*Based on a survey by HORIBA


February, 2016

HORIBA formulates New Mid-Long Term Management Plan "MLMAP 2020."

May, 2016

HORIBA decides to centralize its Group’s water quality and liquid measurement businesses, aiming at accelerating product development with the close ties to the market.


HORIBA BIWAKO E-HARBOR goes into full operation.

Aiming for creativity, high quality and speed in order to innovative manufacturing.

July, 2016

HORIBA concludes an agreement on the expansion of the Aso Factory with Nishihara-mura in Kumamoto.

This is HORIBA’s largest construction work since the opening of its factory in Kumamoto in 1988. The construction is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2017. This is the first capital investment made by a private company since the Kumamoto Earthquake.

August, 2016

Yuki Hayashi (Legal Department) competes in the Archery Competition in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Games. She wins eighth prize in the team competition.

This is the second time she has competed in a Games, the first being the Beijing 2008 Games.


HORIBA announces the release of a new imaging CL system which was born by combining and applying its unique electron beam and spectroscopic technologies.

The system detects crystalline defects by applying electron beam technology.


HORIBA starts to provide maintenance service system “HORIBA MEDISIDE LINKAGE” to use IoT technology for reducing downtime of devices and contributing improvement of medical service qualities.

November, 2016

HORIBA India Private Limited, Technical Center is established in Pune, India.

As a base for demonstrating motor exhaust gas analyzers and advanced material analysis devices.


January, 2017

HORIBA Advanced Techno consolidates HORIBA’s water and liquid business from January 1, 2017

Aiming to establish a "water" business with unified water quality measurements.

February, 2017

HORIBA works with Hitachi Zosen to implement a project to improve contaminated river water in Myanmar.

March, 2017

HORIBA Instruments Incorporated commences operations at new factory in Houston.

Set to become the new hub of its Process & Environmental business.

April, 2017

HORIBA sponsors a ‘Hackathon’ that brought together students from the University of Tokyo and the École Polytechnique.

May, 2017

HORIBA STEC KOREA, Ltd. completes construction of a new facility.

The facility features enhanced production capacities of the acceleration expansion of semiconductor business in the future.

October, 2017

HORIBA Medical and Siemens Healthineers enter into agreement to expand laboratory hematology offerings.

November, 2017

HORIBA commences research with Shiga University on utilization of Big Data from measuring instruments.


Januray, 2018

HORIBA, Ltd. announces the change of representative directors.

To achieve three main objectives, strengthening group management, defining the group management system and the further enhancement of HORIBA’s technical and development capabilities.

May, 2018

5th phase construction of Aso factory is completed.
Enhancing production capacities for the expansion of semiconductor business

July, 2018

HORIBA Instruments Incorporated established HORIBA Reno Technology Center.
Reinforcing capability to develop fluid measurement/control technology for the semiconductor production process

December, 2018

Nanoparticle tracking analysis systems, the ViewSizer® 3000, is released.


May, 2019

Centrifugal Blood Analyzer,Yumizen M100 Banalyst, is released.

August, 2019

HORIBA starts the New Mid-Long Term Management Plan “MLMAP2023”.