History of HORIBA 2000s

The "One Company" group unites to take on the global market


May, 2000

HORIBA provides support for global environmental issues at the United Nations headquarters.

Tsuichaumon Finds People
June, 2000

Tsuichaumon  (“light-right”) is released.

July, 2000

HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE is established to strengthen product maintenance and service divisions.


June, 2001

World’s first planar sensor for blood analysis with MEMS technology is developed.

November, 2001

Ultrahigh-Sensitivity sensor with zoom, using a chemical CCD is developed.

FG-1000 series
December, 2001

Industry’s first dedicated gas monitor for semiconductors and liquid crystal processing is developed.


Launch of isquare
May, 2002

World's first radiation thermometer with the feel of a digital camera that can instantaneously record images and temperature is launched.

HORIBA Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
July, 2002

HORIBA Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is established.

The new company is positioned as an important sales, production and supply base in China for the HORIBA Group.

First On-Board Measurement System that Measures Emissions During Driving

World's first on-board emissions measurement system is developed.

XGT-1000WR - Fluorescent X-Ray Testing Equipment
November, 2002

XGT-1000WR - fluorescent X-ray testing equipment for hazardous elements is developed.


Dr. Masao Horiba's Award

HORIBA creates the Dr. Masao Horiba's award.

In recognition of its fiftieth year in business, HORIBA creates the Dr. Masao Horiba's Award (currently the Masao Horiba Awards), a research grant for outside researchers, in honor of the company's founder. The award provides assistance to researchers and engineers inside and outside of Japan engaged in research and development that is anticipated to lead to groundbreaking analysis and measurement technologies. The purpose of the award is to further bolster the value of analysis and measurement technologies in scientific and technical fields.

HORIBA Global Eco-Drive Road Relay
January, 2003

Road relay conducts to measure global car exhaust data and commemorate fifty years in business.

May, 2003

HORIBA commemorates fiftieth anniversary with Hi! Tech Expo.

F-50 Series pH Meters

F-50 series pH meters (5 types) are launched as the first product commemorating HORIBA's 50th anniversary.


"HORIBA Group is One Company" administrative policy

HORIBA Group renames subsidiaries to include HORIBA in their name to promote Group cohesion and synergies.


HORIBA starts the "HORIBA Group is One Company" as an administrative policy.

July, 2004

HORIBA introduces an integrated management system (IMS).

December, 2004

New DNA biosensor using CCDs is developed.

Joint project with Toyama University and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).



HORIBA joins an experimental project at EXPO 2005 to measure CO2.


Automotive Test Systems division wins the 2005 Porter Prize.


HORIBA wins the second France-Japan Investment Award in technology section.

August, 2005

HORIBA enters market for automobile safety and security with launch of "Doraneko" drive recorder

HORIBA STEC's Aso Factory
October, 2005

HORIBA STEC’s Aso factory is completed for a main mass production plant of the HORIBA Group.


HORIBA acquires SCHENCK-development test systems.


Mid-Long Term Management Plan (MLMAP)

HORIBA starts the New Mid-Long Term Management Plan (MLMAP).


HORIBA automatic water contamination analyzer (UV Meter) becomes the first product to receive approval of State Environmental Protection Administration of China.

March, 2006

HORIBA's founder, Masao Horiba receives Analytical Chemistry Prize.

The first Non-American to receive the Prize and be inducted into The Pittcon Heritage Award and Pittcon Hall of Fame.

Second Chinese Plant Completed in Shanghai
September, 2006

Second Chinese plant is completed in Shanghai to step up production in China.



Atsushi Horiba, President & CEO, is appointed to the Presidency of the Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers Association (JAIMA).


HORIBA Technology Center is established in Silicon Valley, the United States.


New Reagent Plant Completed at HORIBA ABX (France).
September, 2008

New reagent plant is completed at HORIBA ABX (France).


The FUN HOUSE training center is expanded.
February, 2009

The FUN HOUSE training center is expanded for training personnel to improve their products and organizational skills.

The Biwako Plant is completed.
May, 2009

The Biwako Plant is completed, a logistics and inventory hub for the HORIBA Group.