Syncerity BI-NIR Camera

Syncerity BI IR CCD Camera

OEM CCD Camera

The TE-cooled back illuminated 2048 x 70 CCD Camera combines affordability, performance and versatility for OEM applications. With peak QE of 84% @ 700nm and 20% at 1050nm, Syncerity BI-NIR offers a relatively broad response and addresses multiple applications. In the near-NIR, this detector is a much lower cost alternative to a deep depleted CCD, with no etaloning. Syncerity’s flexible design allows our OEM-dedicated team to quickly adapt the camera for industrial requirements, ranging from alternate CCD chips to electronics 

Сегмент: Scientific
Производитель: HORIBA Scientific

Back illuminated CCD Technology

Enhanced near infrared sensitivity QE 42% at 1000 nm.

Deep Thermoelectric Cooling

–50°C @ +25°C ambient (–60°C optional)

Ultra-Compact size

Ideal for use on microscopes and OEM integration

Lifetime Vacuum Warranty

All metal sealed technology provides a maintenance-free permanent vacuum

PC Interface

USB 2.0 high speed with 100% data integrity. No controller box

Ruggedized Connectors

Maintains overall system integrity in industrial environments

Scientific Grade CCD with 1 mm 
Height Spectroscopy Format

Ideally suited for low light level detection in a variety of spectroscopic applications. We offer other CCD formats and sensor types for OEM volumes

Flexible Input & Output Trigger

Interface Experiment synchronization with External Trigger In & TTL Shutter Out with programmable edge triggering

LabView VIs and SDK available

Flexible software to integrate a Syncerity CCD into existing apparatus or as an OEM component.
Contact us for a Linux driver.

SYNCERITY BI-NIR 2048 x 70 — Back Illuminated

CCD Sensor Format

2048 x 70

Quantum Efficiency at 25°C
(See QE curve below for NIR Optimized)

60% at 500 nm 80% at 600 nm 80% at 800 nm
68% at 900 nm 42% at 1000 nm 20% at 1075nm

Pixel Size

14μm x 14μm

Image Area

28.7mm x 0.98mm, 100% fill factor

Deep Thermoelectric Cooling

–50°C @ +25°C ambient (–60°C @ +25°C ambient, on request)
Yields low dark current suitable for most OEM and some Research applications

Single Pixel Well Capacity

50,000 e/pixel (Minimum) 60,000 e/pixel (Typical)

Serial Register Full Well Capacity

250,000e (Minimum) 500,000 e/pixel (Typical)
(Typical Output Register Saturation)

Scan Rates

45 kHz and 500kHz

Readout Noise (at 45 kHz and at –50 °C) *1

9 e (Typical) to 12e (Maximum)

Readout Noise (at 500kHz and at –50 °C) *1

20 e (Typical) to 25 e (Maximum)

Maximum Spectral Rate

20 Hz at 45 kHz scan rate
189 Hz at 500kHz scan rate


16 bit ADC

Dynamic Range (Typical for Serial Register) *2


Non Linearity (Measured on Each Camera)

0.15% (typical) at 45 kHz (0.4% maximum)
0.20% (typical) at 500 kHz (1% maximum)

Dark Current at –50°C *3
(Note that pixel size = 14 μm)

0.05 e/pixel/sec (Typical)

Software-Adjustable Gains

2, 4 & 9.5 e/count @ -50ºC

Environmental Conditions

• Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C ambient
• Relative Humidity < 70% (non-condensing)
• Storage Temperature –25°C to 50°C


1.769 kg (3.90 lb)


Refer to mechanical drawings

Power Requirements
AC-DC Power Supply (Provided)
Recommendation for OEM Supplying Camera
Power Directly:

90–264 VAC, 47–63 Hz
• Pin: +9 V, ± 5%, 6.44 A maximum
• Regulation: +8.55 Vmin, +9 Vtyp, +9.45 Vmax
• Ripple & Noise: 200 mVpp maximum

Minimum Computer Requirements:

• 3.0 GHz single core or 2.4 GHz multi-core processor
• 2 GB RAM
• 32 bit or 64 bit compatible
• 500 MB free hard disk space (additional disk space may be required, depending on data storage needs)
• USB 2.0 High Speed Host Controller capable of sustained rate of 40 MB/s
• Windows (XP, Vista and 7)

All specifications subject to change without notice.

*Q.E. from CCD manufacturer at 25ºC 
1. Entire system noise measured for a single pixel 
2. Dynamic range is defined as: Full Well / Readout Noise and is measured at 45 kHz 
3. Averaged over CCD area, but excluding any regions of blemishes.

Quantum Efficiency – 40% at 1000nm


Syncerity BI-NIR Features an NIR-Optimized CCD (Q.E measured @ 25ºC)



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