pH / ORP Meter CP-200


Outdoor setup is possible because it has a rainproof structure. In addition, it features a one-touch calibration function, automatic electrode quality evaluation, and error message display. It also has an innovative design making use of a large, easy-view custom LCD.


  • Can be used as both a pH and ORP meter
  • One-touch calibration simply by immersing the electrode in standard solution and pressing the CAL key
  • Automatic determination of validity of electrode characteristics
  • Compatible with five types of temperature compensation elements
  • Can be combined with a washer
  • Employs a large, customized LCD
  • Simultaneous display of measured values and parameter settings

Manufactured by HORIBA Advanced Techno




Measurement method of pH

Glass electrode type

Measurement method of ORP

Metal electrode type

Measuring range

pH 0 - pH 14: Resolution of 0.01 pH
ORP ±2000 mV: Resolution of 1 mV


pH ±0.05, ORP ±5 mV

Transmission output

4 - 20 mA DC, isolated input and output, max. load resistance: 500 W, linearity: 0.5 %

Transmission output ranges

pH: 0 - 14, 0 - 10, 0 - 8, 2 - 12, 3 - 11, 4 - 14, 4 - 10, 6 - 14
ORP: ±1400 mV, ±1000 mV, ±700 mV, ±50 mV, -1000 - 0 mV, 0 - 1000 mV, ±2000 mV, 0 - 700 mV (changeable with internal DIG switches)

Adjustment function

1c contact output, 2 independent channels, capacity: AC 250 V, 3 A max. (resistance load)

Control operation

ON / OFF control: upper limit operation (Hi) or lower limit operation (Lo) (changeable with internal DIP switches)
Upper / lower limit setting range: pH 0.00 - 14.00 pH, ORP 0 - ±2000 mV
Control range: pH 0.1 - 4.0 pH (±0.1 - ±2.0 pH), ORP 1 - 999 mV (±1 - ±499 mV)

Calibration function (pH only)

2-point automatic calibration or manual calibration (changeable with internal DIP switches)
2-point automatic calibration: Automatic determination of standard solution type.
Automatic judgment of potential stability.
Types of standard solutions: pH 4, 7, 9 (JIS)
Combinations of standard solutions: pH 4 and 7, pH 7 and 9
Manual calibration: Types of standard solution
Discretionary: Difference of 2 pH or more

Additional functions

Various error messages
1. Calibration error (asymmetrical potential, sensitivity / response rate error, standard solution error) (pH only)
2. Electrode check error: Shorted temperature sensor, disconnected temperature sensor (pH only)
3. Deviation from measuring range error: Over full scale, under full scale, Cancellation of alarm output on positive contact point, input of hold contact point during cleaning (1a non-voltage contact input), continuous transmission output (pH only) during calibration and hold during washing, hold (previous value hold, arbitrary hold) (changeable with internal DIP switches)
Measured value shift function: pH: ± 2.00 pH, ORP: ± 200 mV
Input filter time constant switching function
Time constant: None / approx. 7 sec (changeable with internal DIP switches)

Temperature compensation element (pH only)

500 W (25 °C)
Also compatible with other elements consisting of 6.8 kW (25 °C), 350 W (25 °C), 1 kW (0 °C) and 10 kW (25 °C) (changeable with internal DIP switches)

Temperature compensation range

0 - 100 °C (pH meter only)

Ambient temperature and humidity

-5 - 50 °C, 85 % RH or below

Power supply

100 - 115 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 7 VA or 200 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 7 VA (depending on designation)


Outdoor installation type: JIS C0920, protection class: 3 (rain-proof type) Mounting method: 50 A pole or wall mounting
Case: Cast aluminum alloy (coating color: equivalent to DIC G-262)
Full cover: Polycarbonate (plastic color: equivalent to DIC G-262)
Hood: SUS304 (coating color: equivalent to DIC G-262 and DIC PART 2 2600)
Mounting fixture: SUS304

External dimensions

222 (W) x 180 (H) x 155 (D) (excluding mounting fixture and projections)


Approx. 4 kg

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