Simple Fluoride Ion Monitor IF-250


Ideal for the continuous measurement of waste water discharged from semi-conductor plants.
The IF-250 Simple Fluoride Ion Monitor for use in industry provides continuous measurements of the free fluoride ion concentration in waste water and other test samples using the fluoride ion electrode method.
The unit can be used on a range of test samples with varying concentrations from 0.0 to 10.0 mg / L up to 0 to 10,000 mg / L. This makes the IF-250 the ideal unit for monitoring the treatment of waste water and effluent resulting from the semiconductor production process, as well as electronic and glass factories using fluoride in the production process.

The 200 / 250 / 300 series from Horiba Advanced Techno have been designed to be waterproof so that they may be used outdoors as an on-site display tool. An internally controlled cleaner is installed in all 250 series models, which allows the cleaning solenoid valve to be operated directly, without the installation of a separate timer unit.


  • Ideal for waste water treatment at semi-conductor / FPD plants and glass factories.
    Perfect for on-site continuous measurement of fluoride ions at treatment facilities discharging large volumes of waste water.
  • Large range of measurements
    This one unit is capable of measuring in a range from 0 to 10,000 mg / L (measurement can be switched across a range of 10 levels)
  • Implementing a silver ion trap structure
    The silver ion trap prevents blocking at the liquid junction resulting in more stable measurements.
  • Internal cleaning timer
    The cleaning solenoid valve can be operated directly. A water jet cleaner can be supplied as an optional extra.

1. This monitor detects the free fluoride ions contained in liquids; it does not detect all fluorides.
2. Measurements may vary depending upon the pH level. Use this monitor in close to neutral pH conditions.
3. If greater precision measurement than this basic unit offers is required, use the FLIA-101 Buffer Solution Mixture type Fluoride Ion Monitor.

Manufactured by HORIBA Advanced Techno




Measuring method

Fluoride ion electrode method

Measuring range

0.0 to 10.0, 0.0 to 20.0 mg / L (Resolution: 0.1 mg / L)
0 to 50, 0 to 100, 0 to 200 mg / L (Resolution: 1 mg / L)
0 to 500, 0 to 1000, 0 to 2000 mg / L (Resolution: 10 mg / L)
0 to 5000, 0 to 10000 mg / L (Resolution: 100 mg / L)

Linear precision

± 10 % FS (excluding detection unit)
± 30 % FS (including detection unit)


± 7 % FS (excluding detection unit)
± 30 % FS (including detection unit)

Contact output

Contact points: 3
Cleaning contact output (CLN)
Alarm contact output (RLY1)
Alarm contact output (RLY2)

Control action

ON / OFF control: Upper limit action (Hi) or Lower limit action (Lo) (Select by function setting switch))

Contact input

Contact points: 1
Cleaning operation external input

Transmission output

DC 4 to 20 mA
I/O insulation type
Max. load resistance: 600 Ω (both channels)

Additional functions

Error messages
Alarm ON delay
Cleaning time
Select transmission output state in the Hold mode during calibration or cleaning
Output hold functions
Set damping factor function
Set periodic cleaning
Transmission output Arbitrary Hold setting


AC 100 to 115 V or 200 to 240 V (depending upon designation), 50 / 60 Hz, 7 VA

Ambient environment

-5 °C to 50 °C, less than 85 % relative humidity


Outdoor installation: JIS C0920
Protection level: 3 (rain-proof)
Installation method: 50 A pole or wall attachment

Outside dimensions

222 mm x 180 mm x 155 mm
(excluding mount fitting and protruding parts)


Approx. 4 kg




Measuring method

Ion electrode method, LaF3 response membrane (doped with Eu 0.5 %)

Measuring range

0.2 - 10000 mg / L


63 % electrode response: within 3 sec.
90 % electrode response: within 30 sec.
100 % electrode response: within 3 min

Test sample environment

pH range: 4 to 8 (at 0.2 mg / L), 4 to 10 (at 20 mg / L), 4 to 12 (at 2000 mg / L)
Temperature range: 0 to 40 °C
Electric conductivity: Over 500 µS / cm
Flow speed range: 1 to 20 cm / sec.

Compensation element

Pt 1000 Ω (0 °C)

Temperature compensation range

0 - 40 °C

Cable length

5 m

Outside dimensions

12 (Ø) x 170 (L) mm (excluding cable and protruding parts)


Approx. 200 g

Compatible holders

CH-10 (Submergible type holder), CF-30 (Flow type holder)

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