Mixed Injection System Liquid Vaporizers MI-1000/MV-1000


Can vaporize pure water or a wide variety of liquid sources rapidly. By using the gas-liquid mixture vaporization method, stable vaporization of high boiling point liquids are available.


  • The gas-liquid mixture vaporization method enables stable vaporization of high boiling point liquids.
  • Compact design allows for easy integration.
  • Vaporization efficiency is higher than with traditional vaporization methods.
  • Larger flows can be generated.
  • Vaporization temperature can be reduced.

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Manufactured by HORIBA STEC


Dimensions of MI-1000 and MV-1000
Dimensions of MI-1000 and MV-1000

Measurement Techniques

Injection method
The following are the major steps involved in vaporizing a liquid source and supplying it to the process chamber.
1. The liquid source's flow rate is measured and the amount of liquid is fed back and controlled by the valve.
2. The liquid is instantaneously and completely vaporized.
3. The gas is released without being allowed to condense back into its liquid form.

Since the pressure of the carrier gas is higher ahead of the nozzle inside the injector, it can be heated efficiently. The liquid source and the heated carrier gas are mixed together in the gas/liquid mixing area in front of the nozzle, as this mixture passes through the nozzle the pressure is reduced causing the mixture to vaporize.


  • Manufacturing process of semiconductor, LCD, LED, photovoltaic cells, power semiconductor, optics fiber, coating.
  • Atmosphere gas control, or mixed gas generation of general industriesPerformance evaluation of various gas sensors, and combustors, biotechnology-related evaluation.
  • Gas flow controllers for various experiments, sampling gases, etc.