Basic Policies on the Development of Internal Control Systems

1. Systems for ensuring compliance of director and employee business operations with laws and statutes

1) We shall stipulate the obligations of directors and employees to comply with laws and statutes when conducting business operations in accordance with the HORIBA Corporate Philosophy and our Code of Ethics to create a corporate culture that facilitates legal compliance, and to prevent violations of laws and statutes. Directors and employees who discover violations of laws and statutes committed by other directors and employees shall report such violations in accordance with the Compliance Management Provisions, and the Compliance Chief Management Officer shall verify reported violations and take appropriate measures to maintain and enhance the governance system, including reporting the violations to relevant company organizations as necessary.

2) We shall ensure all directors and employees thoroughly understand our Code of Ethics and Compliance Management Provisions, which form the basis of our compliance system, in
order to promote the development, maintenance and improvement of our internal control system. We shall also provide training for directors and employees as necessary.

3) A division established independently of the executive divisions shall conduct internal audits in order to detect and prevent violations of laws and statutes, and to issue instructions for improving business operation processes.

4) In addition to the company system outlined in 1) above regarding the reporting of facts relating to compliance, including violations of laws and statutes, we have already created a reporting system that allows employees to report directly to external lawyers and other groups based on our Compliance Management Provisions. We shall continue to ensure that this system is properly maintained.

5) Auditors shall be required to state their opinions on issues related to the implementation of company systems for compliance with laws and statutes, and shall be required to formulate measures to make necessary improvements.

6) In order to improve the system for supervision and monitoring by directors and auditors, we have appointed external board members and external auditors with the knowledge and experience required for the proper management of business operations. We shall continue the practice of appointing appropriate external members.

2. Systems for the preservation and management of information concerning the execution of duties by directors

Information concerning the execution of duties by directors, including information related to the execution of duties by employees who conduct business operations under the direction and supervision of directors, shall be preserved and managed properly and securely in accordance with rules pertaining to documents, such as our Document Management Provisions and Document Preservation Standards, in such a way as to allow access to the information when necessary.

3. Rules and other systems on the management of risk of loss

We shall establish risk management rules for the development and operation of a risk management system to manage risk of loss.
We shall also provide directors and employees with education and training in risk management as required.

4. Systems for ensuring the efficient execution of duties by directors

In order to ensure the efficient execution of duties by directors, the Board of Directors shall, as a general rule, meet once a month, with special meetings of the Board to be held as necessary.
Directors and executive officers shall take appropriate measures, including delegating responsibilities among themselves, to ensure the efficient execution of duties in accordance with decisions made by the Board of Directors.

5. Systems for ensuring good management practice within the corporate group (our company and subsidiaries)

1) Group companies shall set out rules based on HORIBA’s corporate philosophy, which is designed to ensure proper management of business operations in all HORIBA group companies. Group companies shall also manage and monitor the business operations of subsidiaries as appropriate, via reporting and approval systems implemented by HORIBA in accordance with the management rules of related companies. Directors and employees who identify serious compliance issues such as violations of laws and statutes by group companies shall report this information in accordance with our Compliance Management Provisions.

2) Subsidiaries that identify compliance issues such as violations of laws and regulations in relation to the business management instructions of HORIBA shall report this information to the division responsible for either auditing or compliance. This division shall immediately report the issue to the auditors and to the relevant internal officers as appropriate. Auditors shall be required to state their opinions and formulate measures to make any necessary improvements. The relevant division and internal officers that have received such a report shall take appropriate measures in accordance with the Compliance Management Provisions, risk management rules and other relevant regulations.

6. Employees who have been requested to assist auditors to perform their duties and the independence of such employees from the directors

Auditors shall be allowed to request the appointment of audit assistants, chosen from among company employees, to assist them in the performance of their auditing duties. Auditor consent shall be required for all appointments, dismissals, transfers, performance evaluations and wage variations of audit assistants.

7. Systems for enabling directors and employees to report to auditors, systems regarding other matters related to reporting to auditors, and systems for ensuring the effective implementation of audits by auditor

1) Directors and employees who identify serious issues that may impact upon company business operations or performance shall report this information to auditors. In addition to such voluntary reporting, auditors shall be allowed to request reports from directors and employees when required.

2) We shall maintain the proper operation of reporting systems based on Compliance Management Provisions for internal reporting in order to ensure that compliance issues such as violations of laws and statutes are properly reported to auditors.

3) Every effort shall be made to ensure coordination between auditors and external experts, including lawyers and certified public accountants, and auditing divisions and other internal organizations.

Omoshiro Okashiku (Joy and Fun)

Omoshiro Okashiku - Joy and Fun

The company motto displayed above sums up the directive to everyone at HORIBA Group, which is to bring enthusiasm and excitement into our work to make our trade fulfilling and enjoy our lives.