Carbon Capture and Utilization

We contribute to CO2 circulation with a wide range of measurement and analysis technologies from production processes to materials, including gas monitoring for CO2 separation and capture at CCUS, analysis/evaluation of catalysts and materials for the production of chemicals/fuels from CO2.

To achieve carbon neutrality, it is essential to effectively utilize CO2 (carbon dioxide), one of the greenhouse gases, as a resource, in parallel with the utilization of hydrogen.
Currently, the R&D and initiatives in carbon recycling technologies that actively utilize CO2, such as CO2 capture, utilization, and storage technologies called CCUS (Carbon Dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage) and chemical/thermal recycling technologies for waste plastics are progressing widely. Additionally, energy management technologies are being developed to visualize and optimize the energy used in carbon recycling.

The establishment and utilization of these technologies will lead to the reduction of CO2 emissions through energy saving and the use of renewable energy, as well as the reuse and removal of CO2, i.e., realization of the 4Rs of carbon circulation - Reduce, Remove, Reuse and Recycle.

Reduction of CO2 Emission

Reduce CO2 emissions in manufacturing and power generation through CO2 separation and capture and improved productivity

Direct Carbon Capture

Achieve negative emissions through capturing CO2 in the ambient air and CO2 from biomass combustion with DAC and BECCS

Carbon Recycling

Effectively utilize CO2 and waste plastics as chemicals, fuel, various materials or thermal energy

Measurement and Analysis Solutions by Field

Hydrogen Energy

Our wide range of proprietary measurement and analysis technologies can bring better energy usage for production by implementing hydrogen, ammonia and other forms of energy. Saving cost and energy wastes.

Energy Usage Optimization

Visualization of energy consumption at R&D sites and construction of an energy management system for optimal utilization

Energy Top

We are committed to realize a smarter way of operating energy in the following 3 parts. The way we "Generate," "Store," and "Utilize" energy can come with higher efficiency, lower emissions, and minimal energy loss.



With our corporate philosophy of contributing to the development of science and technology and the preservation of the global environment, we are constantly in pursuit of "HONMAMON" technology.

Global Initiatives

HORIBA participates in the optimization of overall energy management and the realization of a safe and secure mobility society through bold global investments and extensive connections with academia and industry

Global Trends and Strageties toward Carbon Neutrality

Introduction of the latest trends through HORIBA's unique activities and perspectives

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