Establishment of “Code of Ethics”

The HORIBA Group has established a new corporate "Code of Ethics," which will serve as a global standard for the group.

The HORIBA Group set forth the "HORIBA Corporate Philosophy" as its basic position on corporate activities, under the company motto "Joy and Fun.” Based on these, HORIBA introduced the original "Code of Ethics" as a guiding standard to assist the company in realizing sustainable development, going forward. Now, HORIBA has reviewed the “Code of Ethics” from the perspective of the challenges that we should take on a global organization and totally refreshed it.

In order to achieve the "Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) set by the United Nations, each country promotes various activities to achieve the goals, and there are rising expectations in terms of corporate responsibility. The new "Code of Ethics" recognizes and reflects global society’s needs and expectations.

Main points of the new “Code of Ethics”:

  • a standard for behaving as a "good corporate citizen" with leadership by top management
  • compliance with laws, regulations, etc.
  • contributing to society by providing excellent products and services
  • creating rewarding and amenable workplaces
  • respect for human rights of all people
  • formulated in English to help deepen understanding on a global, group-wide basis


For more details: “Code of Ethics”