HORIBA Determines Mass Emission Data from Real Driving Tests

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Highly compact sensor-based unit to offer immediate emission data and analysis of individual or mass data application. Combination of measuring system and the processing software gathers large quantities of practical data and enables comparability of vehicles


HORIBA, a leading supplier for emission measurement and automotive test systems, currently develops a Smart Emission Measurement System (SEMS) that aims to collect and analyze emission data, improving RDE test procedures. The compact-sized system processes data from measurements taken during normal road use and from a statistically reliable amount of collecting vehicles. The SEMS is developed to offer collection and analysis of emission data from different sources, such as light- and heavy-duty vehicles, non-road mobile machinery or vessels, immediately when they occur. It therefore enables mass data management of emission data and combines such benefits as real-time emission monitoring as well as an open and flexible interface for a maximum of usability.

SEMS covers different temperatures and weather conditions, altitudes, driving styles and varying road as well as load situations. Due to its small size and easy application, SEMS takes measurements over a long period of time, enabling accumulation of large quantities of practical data. Fields of application include the testing for conformity and development as well as long-term tracking of the vehicle’s environmental influence.

HORIBA’s SEMS relies on a combination of sensors, datalogger, cloud server and database to collect emission data. While some parameters are measured directly, such as NOx and NH3, others are calculated through the data handling process. This combined data is then used to fulfill customer requirements like individual trip reports or field pollution reports.

“We have three main benefits in mind, when developing the new SEMS,” explains Frank Heepen, Global Product Manager SEMS at HORIBA Europe. “Above all, the comparability of the measurement data is our main objective, which is ensured by the use of the exact same sensors as a basic requirement for a neutral emission data analysis. We support our customers in measuring and monitoring traffic emissions in real time and depending on the respective traffic situation. Easy integration no matter where emission data is coming from, increases usability for our customers.”

Being invisible from the outside and given its small size, the SEMS is easy to install and independent from the vehicle and engine vendor. The high level of flexibility is also ensured by expandability and easy application of additional sensors as well as analysis, not only of vehicles or engines.

As the use of on-board diagnosis interface data is possible but not required, HORIBA again increases usability and expandability of the new mass data management tool. Due to its beneficial characteristics, SEMS is an indispensable tool for consumer organizations, fleet owners, type approval authorities, and vehicle manufacturers.

HORIBA is currently in the definition and development phase of SEMS, taking into account customer feedback and impulses to develop a product tailored to the customers’ needs.

Mass Data Management of Emission Data with SEMS
Mass Data Management of Emission Data with SEMS