HORIBA Introduces SERVICE-ONE Offering

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New service supports customers with crucial service modules. Three individual service modules to enhance flexibility for customers and reliability of OBS-ONE.


HORIBA, a leading supplier for emission measurement and automotive test systems, has launched its new SERVICE-ONE concept for the portable OBS-ONE emission measuring system that is designed for Real Driving Emission (RDE) testing of vehicles. With the broad range of service offers, HORIBA significantly reduces costs and downtime while increasing flexibility for customers and reliability of test systems.

The OBS-ONE Service Package comprises three modules: Maintenance, Repair and Parts. Each module can be selected independently for the specific needs of each OBS-ONE system user and can either be deployed independently or combined with one or all other modules.

The new service supports HORIBA’s OBS-ONE series, which is set to measure concentrations of emission, particulate matter, particle number and exhaust flow rate. It monitors both GPS data and environmental conditions and calculates mass emission. The three main products of the series comprise the OBS-ONE-GS (Gas), OBS-ONE-PN (Particle Number) and OBS-ONE-PM (Particulate Matter) units. OBS-ONE-GS measures the gaseous components CO, CO2, NO, NOx and total hydrocarbons (THC) and methane (CH4). For the control of the OBS-ONE units, HORIBA deploys its adaptable and intelligent operating platform ONE PLATFORM, which enables customers to control every product from the ONE series by HORIBA with one surface at the same time.


Service Support for OBS-ONE users

“HORIBA’s emission test systems are characterized by high reliability and flexibility. To achieve the highest level of service for our customers, we have created SERVICE-ONE” explains Markus Manderscheid, Service Manager North Germany and Benelux at HORIBA Europe.

With the new OBS-ONE MAINTENANCE module, HORIBA customers using the OBS-ONE system receive a yearly maintenance for their units and one -maintenance with limited service after the system has run up to 800 operation hours. For OBS-ONE PN, the service package includes an additional calibration of the system. Furthermore, customers obtain an additional spare unit of OBS-ONE to reduce system downtime. Also, HORIBA provides customers with all maintenance parts and legislation checks, ensuring legal conformity of the measuring system, and that it works within exhaust gas measuring legislation, such as the EURO 6/VI emission check.

The OBS-ONE REPAIR module includes three repair jobs per year if necessary: Two on site and one at HORIBA’s site in Oberusel. If a problem with a measuring system occurs, the customer receives fast repair service that starts within 24 hours after receipt of the damage report. A time schedule and repair proposal will be delivered after two hours by HORIBA. If a repair on site should not be feasible, HORIBA provides a spare unit for the customer and repairs the unit at its own premises.

The OBS-ONE PARTS module offers a special customer stock for critical spare parts of OBS-ONE and a priority e-mail contact for customers. HORIBA will deliver the required spare parts within 24 hours.

“With our OBS-ONE Service Package, our customers not only obtain exact measurement from their OBS-ONE units, they also benefit from the high qualification of our service teams with extensive knowledge in automotive test systems. All of these service modules include a hotline- or remote-support, access to our customer online platform and a spare part discount on all deliveries”, adds Markus Manderscheid.

SERVICE-ONE customers can purchase a discounted training or workshop on-site. The OBS-ONE Service Package shows that HORIBA’s service is as flexible, customizable and reliable as the technical solutions of the leading supplier for automotive test systems.

SERVICE-ONE: Reliable Customer Service for OBS-ONE Users
SERVICE-ONE: Reliable Customer Service for OBS-ONE Users