HORIBA in the United Kingdom

HORIBA UK provides an extensive array of instruments and systems for applications ranging from Automotive R&D, Process and Environmental monitoring, In-vitro Medical diagnostics, Semiconductor manufacturing and Metrology, to a broad range of Scientific research and Quality Control measurements.

HORIBA also has multiple manufacturing and R&D sites in the UK, where many of our products go through the various research, design and development stages, and ultimately made available globally.

Additional information on our operations in the UK can be selected from the icons below.

Automotive Test Systems

From Emission measurement, Driveline testing, virtual Battery simulation, Test Automation Systems, Wind Tunnel Balances and Brake Testing systems, we offer total solutions that are indispensable for overall Vehicle development.

Process & Envionmental

Air, water, soil.  HORIBA contributes to global environmental safety with measurement technology that complies with environmental regulations throughout the world.

Medical Diagnostics

HORIBA haematology and clinical chemistry analysers contribute to diagnosis and patient monitoring in a wide range of medical laboratories, clinics and in research.


Providing advanced solutions for the control and monitoring of semiconductor manufacturing processes and for quality control inspections of semiconductors and LCD devices.


HORIBA's analytical and measurement equipment offers broad-ranging support for R&D and quality control in every kind of industry and is contributing to pioneering scientific research such as micro analysis at the nano level.

MIRA - (Opens HORIBA MIRA Website in new Window)

HORIBA MIRA works with the world's leading manufacturers to deliver innovative Vehicle Engineering solutions. With world-class facilities and a workforce full of engineering experts, we are your complete Vehicle development partner.