Horiba Developed Blood Theophylline Monitoring System "LT-110"

11 September 2000

Horiba, Ltd. has developed "Automatic Theophylline Monitoring System LT-110" for measurement of blood level of theophylline, the most widely used antasthmatic. The system was jointly developed with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Kanji Shono), and will be combined with a dedicated measurement reagent provided by the company for release on September 13, 2000. In asthmatic treatment, theophylline blood level monitoring allows individualized administration design, maximizing efficacy and preventing adverse reactions. Thus, this product is sure to contribute to tailor-made medicine, in which selection of the type and regimen of drugs are individualized.
Sales activities for this product mainly feature sharing of information with Mitsubishi-Tokyo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryuichi Tomizawa), a leading company in antasthmatic field with its products including sustained-release theophylline "Theodur" and antiallergic "Alegysal," and with the distributor of "Theodur" Nikken Chemicals Co., Ltd. (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Takero Sakamoto), as well as IT-incorporated marketing.
Besides asthma, theophyllines are widely applied, as such drugs as "Theodur" and "Theodrip," to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD: chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema), which are common in the elderly. In general, the elderly differ from younger adults in drug metabolism, requiring drug administration with caution. This blood level monitor "Automatic Theophylline Monitoring System LT-110" will contribute to optimal administration design even in the elderly.

- Outline of this product -
This product allows individualized, finely adjusted administration design by measuring blood level of antasthmatic theophylline. Furthermore, blood level monitoring is helpful in maximizing efficacy and preventing adverse reactions. This product was jointly developed with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in terms of application of diagnostic drug for measurement and will be combined with the dedicated measurement reagent provided by the company for release.
In addition to being compact and easy to operate, this product enables blood to be measured immediately after collection due to whole blood measurement, which eliminates need for sample pretreatment. Thus, its wide application is expected, ranging from clinic to backup for laboratory large-scale dedicated machine, emergency laboratory, ICU, pharmacy, large-scale hospital and asthma specialty practitioner.

- Sales activities -
Sales activities for this product feature IT-utilized sharing of information, in cooperation between Mitsubishi-Tokyo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Nikken Chemicals Co., Ltd., the manufacturer and the distributor of "Theodur," a product with the largest share of the domestic theophylline market, respectively, and our company, licensed for manufacture and sales of the Theodur monitoring system.
Specifically, as part of promotion of proper use of "Theodur" and "Theodrip," MRs (medical representatives) at Nikken Chemicals Co., Ltd. will provide medical professionals with information on blood theophylline level measurement, and collect reciprocal information, which will be shared with our company through IT. Based on such information, our MRs or distributors will provide medical professionals with detailed explanation of the monitoring system to promote its sales, in hopes for synergistic effect on drug proper use and monitoring system sales.
Our company is currently constructing the information-sharing system on the net, and its full-scale operation will be started in this autumn. This system will promptly provide the information meeting the needs in clinical practice by sharing information between clinical sites and pharmaceutical companies.
In our future sales activities for medial equipment, we aim to introduce products involving measurement of parameters effective for treatment into the market, focusing on the relationship between medicine and laboratory examination. We will commit ourselves to tailor-made medicine, which is certain to prevail in the future, by fostering partnership with pharmaceutical companies through IT-utilized system.

1) Measurable with a trace of 4 *L
This product allows measurement even with a trace of blood taken from an earlobe, ensuring safety even in children, accounting for about 20 % of asthmatic patients. Whole blood measurement makes it easy to handle, with no need for pretreatment such as serum separation.
2) Compact size (289 (W) * 410 (D) * 415 (H) mm) permits installation anywhere
This product is easy to install in various environments including clinic or hospital ward, and suitable for emergency examination in the event of asthmatic attack.

Main body: 2.88 million yen

200 units for initial year

Measurement item: theophylline
Sample: whole blood, serum, plasma
Measuring time: within 9 minutes
Measurement range: 0 - 30 *g/mL
Measurement principle: latex agglutination inhibition
Dimensions: 289 (W) * 410 (D) * 415 (H) mm
Weight: 18 kg