President's New Year's Message to the Entire Staff

6 January 2003

This new year is an important one as HORIBA celebrates fifty years since its founding.

On New Year’s day, 2003, Kyoto’s own soccer team, Kyoto Purple Sanga (for which I am the chair of the support association) captured the Emperor’s Cup, Japan’s top soccer award. I would like each of us to have the same speed and power as Sanga, to dedicate ourselves to our work and fulfill our duties, and to put forth our best in all we do.

What is important for us as a company is our technological power in development and production, our information-gathering capacity in various key fields, and our strong drive and teamwork to persevere and keep the business on track. As we celebrate our fiftieth year in business, I would like to strengthen our own original market research, a powerful and intelligent structure that can quickly move into action, and the developmental prowess to make use of that research.

I call on everyone to work together in an open and fair environment, to treat communication between us with the importance it deserves, and to help keep HORIBA a company we are all proud of, flourishing with talented people.

Atsushi Horiba, President, January 6, 2003
(Excerpted from his company New Year’s address)