Aims to Contribute to the Global Environment and the Economic Activity

By: Shinya NAKAMURA, Satoshi INOUE, Katsunobu EHARA, Naoto BANDO

3 January 2016

The process and environmental business has changed as the industry has developed. In the stage after high economic growth, environmental pollution such as air and water pollution became more serious, and environmental regulations and ordinances have been put into effect. To meet the requirements in these regulations, the HORIBA Group has incorporated new technology into its core technologies, Non-Dispersive Infrared analysis (NDIR) and pH meter technology, and has developed analyzers that meet the needs of the environmental analysis market. In 2011, the hydrogen explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake scattered radioactive substances around Fukushima Prefecture. At the time, the HORIBA Group quickly donated radiation meters to the local government, and contributed to the city residents’ ability to measure radiation.

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