Development of the U-50 Series Multi-Parameter Water Quality Checker

By: Yuichiro Komatsu, Katsunobu Ehara, Katsuaki Ogura

28 February 2011

Multi-parameter water quality checker named U-50 capable of simultaneously measuring turbidity, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), water depth, and temperature was developed. This series equipped with the high-sensitivity turbidity meter compliant with EPA Method 180.1, and the easy-tomaintain dissolved oxygen electrode. The dissolved oxygen electrode and conductivity features an expanded measurement range for high concentrations. Compared to the earlier model U-20, usability improvements were made to the GPS function, simultaneous display of all parameters, and data storage function. The U-50 series is expected to provide a new measurement application which was not able to be handled by the U-20.

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