Emissions and Fuel Economy Measurement System Using Intermittent Sampling CVS for PHEV

By: Yoshinori OTSUKI

24 November 2013

Recently, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) attract attention while the reduction of the consumption of the fossil fuel is demanded. On the other hand, high Dilution Factors (DFs) and low concentrations of gaseous components in the Constant Volume Sampling (CVS) are imposed by the intermittent operation of the engine in the PHEV. Such a dilution condition causes a numerical error of DF by the assumption of negligible ambient components and an analysis error of gaseous components. New emission measurement method which provides intermittent sampling synchronized with engine operation mode has been investigated in this study. The results showed the ability of proposed system to improve emissions and fuel economy measurement accuracy by increasing gaseous concentrations in the CVS system.

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