Feature Article: Onboard Water Quality Monitoring System EG-100 for Ships

By: Kiichiro TOMIOKA*, Yuta HASHIMA*

2 August 2019

Figure 3 Closed loop scrubber system

Author(*) Information: HORIBA Advanced Techno, Co., Ltd.
Environmental regulations are getting stricter every year, and the exhaust gas emission from ships is no exception, although until recently maritime regulations have lagged behind those for automobiles due to their multijurisdictional “borderless” nature. Meanwhile the IMO (International Maritime Organization) has decided to enforce NOx and SOx regulations globally, including environmental measures in which the sulfur content of fuel oil shall be limited to 0.5% or less starting in the year 2020 as part of the SOx regulations. Although compliance to this regulation is possible using a low-sulfur fuel, an alternative method for compliance while continuing to use current high sulfur fuel is to install a scrubber device on the ship that cleans the exhaust gas. The wash water from the scrubber is also subject to this regulation as it is discharged outside the ship into the open sea after being processed. We developed a device to monitor the water quality of this process and have begun selling it. This article introduces the product features as well as our business model.
Keywords NOx regulation, SOx regulation, Scrubber, Washwater monitoring, pH, PAH, Turbidity

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