Feature Article: The History of Water Quality Measuring Instruments to Contribute to the Water Infrastructure Market and Future Development

By: Tadashi KAWANO*,Takao ASAI

1 February 2019

Author(*) Information: HORIBA Advanced Techno, Co., Ltd.

The water resource available for human activity is limited to 0.01% of all the water on the earth. Waste water from industrial facilities or life work is treated to keep water resource in natural state or reusable state. Purification and treatment of water are the artificial recirculation of water to keep natural resources. Sewage treatment plant and purification plant are the representative of the water infrastructures. Water quality should be grasped for proper treatment. This paper describes the history of the HORIBA products and the future plans for the market of the water infrastruct.

Note: Full paper of the same content in Japanese is in Readout No.48-Japanese edition.