Foreword: To Achieve Safer, More Effi cient and ustainable Mobility in the Future

By: Takashi NAGANO*

2 August 2019

Author(*) Information: Director (Board Leader of GLOBAL ATS BOARD), HORIBA, Ltd.
HORIBA Automotive Test Systems has always played a leading role in the history of emission measurement for mobility. In the automotive field, above all else we take pride in contributing to the world through our measurement and analytical technologies. These technologies are critical to successful emissions management in the face of ever more demanding requirements of emissions control legislation and IC engine calibration.

With the passage of time, three major issues have emerged that are common for land, sea and air mobility as a whole: environment, energy efficiency and safety. We think that these issues will continue to be the predominant challenges for the foreseeable future.

In the environment field, HORIBA has offered gas measurement technology centered on vehicle exhaust emission analysis and water quality monitoring equipment. We also expanded our business scope to include mechatronics by acquiring the German company Schenck DTS*1 in 2005 so we could supply test equipments for powertrain, drive-line and brake systems. This enabled us to start providing measurement and testing solutions in the fields of energy efficiency and safety.


Today’s ‘Mobility Society’ has arisen from the natural human desire to realize movements of people and goods, but it is now facing a variety of challenges. Exploiting our traditional core strengths precision measurement and analysis, combined with HORIBA MIRA’s advantages in testing, engineering and consulting, HORIBA will strive to offer a total solution for application-oriented measurement and analysis across the world, and so help society to achieve safer, more efficient and sustainable mobility in the future.

*1: DTC: Development Test Systems

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