Impact of Raman Microscopy on Biomedical Research

By: Fran ADAR*, Catalina DAVID, Marinella SANDROS

2 February 2019

Figure 3 Histopathologic HE-stained section of adenocarcinomatous (E) colonic tissues; pseudo-color Raman maps(F) on the same areas of the adjacent unstained section.

Author(*) Infomation: HORIBA Instruments Inc.

Abstract:For this article we have selected three topics where there is groundbreaking activity in Raman microscopy worldwide and where the implementation has potential to solve outstanding problems. Information on instrumentation innovations that are critical to some of this work (especially lab-on-a-chip) will be mentioned. The references, while not exhaustive, will provide the interested reader entry to the literature. The topics that have been selected are identification of bacterial micro-organisms, disease diagnosis, and Raman imaging.

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