Introducing the HORIBA Medical’s Response to a Highly Evolutive Laboratory’s Market

By: Laurent ARAUD, Olivier POU

3 January 2016

HELO: the Horiba Evolutive Laboratory Organization

Over the past 5 years, HORIBA Medical has been proposing the “HaemCell” as the high-range solution for Hematology Laboratory organization which was based on software connections only and avoiding any mechanical link. To improve patient care and adapt to a highly evolving market, HORIBA Medical
decided to make the HaemCell evolve toward the HELO concept and exploit at their best the analyzer’s performances and scalability for healthcare needs. Still driven by the LEAN philosophy the new HELO concept extends the flexibility of configuration by adding the possibility to work with a track system and offers around both the work-cell and the dedicated track a multiplicity of peripheral solutions to accommodate modern requirements of the Hematology laboratory as well as related disciplines.

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