Introduction of the New H-1 Series Water Quality Instruments


31 May 2012

We have developed the H-1 Series to provide a comprehensive water quality instrumentation product offering for a wide variety of applications. The measurement parameters include the 9 most commonly required parameters for monitoring water quality (pH, DO, ORP, F-, Conductivity, Resistively, MLSS, Turbidity, Residual Chlorine). Unique features incorporated in the design are a new glass membrane for pH, a MLSS sensor with high resistance to fouling, a low drift turbidity sensor with transmitted and scattered light detection at a 90┬░scattering angle, a changeable cathode electrode for residual chlorine analysis and a special purpose electrode for electrochemical cleaning. We targeted sensor enhancements to meet user demands for easy maintenance and longer sensor life as well as transmitter EMC improvements with wider temperature operating ranges and a more rugged environmental design. The H-1 Series instruments are available now. We will introduce the features and characteristics of the H-1 series in detail.

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