Near-Field Vibrational Spectroscopy

By: Yasushi Inouye*

28 February 2007

*Professor of Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University, Engineering

This article details the research of super resolution in vibrational microspectroscopy through the use of a nearfield microscope, which allows for spatial resolution exceeding the diffraction limit of light. We developed an infrared near-field scanning optical microscope that uses a tunable infrared laser and micro-aperture type nearfield probes, the latter made by silicon processing. This has been used to observe partially photodissociated regions spectroscopically, using its submicron resolving capability. In addition, by using localized plasmons induced at the apex of a metallic nano-tip, we achieved nano-Raman spectroscopy and nano-imaging on the nanoscale, and found a new Raman effect that is specific to near-field optics.

(Same content in Japanese is Readout No.32-Japanese edition-.)

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