Regulation and Dynamics of Tryptophan Import in Yeast Analyzed Using High Hydrostatic Pressure

By: Fumiyoshi Abe

28 February 2011

High hydrostatic pressure has an adverse influence in organisms that inhabit atmospheric pressure environments. In yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, pressure in the range of 15-25 MPa markedly impairs the uptake of tryptophan, and thereby it limits growth of tryptophan auxotrophic strains. The susceptibility of tryptophan import is attributable to the dynamic structural change in tryptophan permease in the plasma membrane. Studies of mutants capable of growth at high pressure reveal that tryptophan permeases Tat1 and Tat2 undergo ubiquitin-dependent degradation when cells are exposed to high pressure. We suggest that hydrostatic pressure is a unique tool for probing the dynamic function and regulation of amino acid permeases in living yeast cells.

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