Request from the Laboratory in an Oil Refinery to Testing and Analyzing Equipment Manufacturers

By: Tetsuo Sasaguchi*

23 September 2008

*Cosmo Techno Yokkaichi Co., Ltd.

Oil refineries are always required, as social duties, to strictly ensure "safety" and appropriately manage "environment, health and quality" and "stable supply" and, as economic duties, to seek and manage "productivity." The mission of the laboratory of the oil refinery is to support good management, and it is essential for the laboratory to select and manage appropriate testing and analyzing equipments in order to fulfill the mission. This article explains from what viewpoints the laboratories select testing and analyzing equipments and contains some of my own experiences. Since a typical laboratory owns quite a large variety of testing and analyzing equipments, the "sulphur analyzer (total sulphur content)" is taken up as an example for the purpose of this article.

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