Water Color Monitoring in the Purification Process and the Feature of the Color Meter HU-200CL CI-20

By: Hiroko KIZAKI

21 February 2017

Figure 1 Color meter HU-200CL CI-20

It is commonly known that the possibility of infection route from tap water is very low because Japanese water purification technics are on a high level. In a purifying process those typical monitors from HORIBA Gr. including residual chlorine meter, turbidity meter or pH meter are applied to maintain required water quality. Several water quality items and criterions are shown in the book of Japanese water examination methods. Color one of the water quality items is an important and attentional item which can be observed by eyes. The Color meter HU-200CL measures the color by 2-wave length absorption method that makes it possible to be long term stable measurement with no maintenance helped by an auto cell cleaning wiper in the CI-20. In this paper the measuring method of color, principle and feature of the color meter are described. (Figure 1)

Note: Full paper of the same content in Japanese is in Readout No.46-Japanese edition.