Study heterogeneous geological samples provided by the various fields of application of Earth
Science; mineralogy, gemmology, petrology, geo-archeology, palaeontology, planetology or volcanology

Used for bulk analysis of carbon and sulphur content of rocks, minerals and ceramics and for analysis of different “species” of carbon/sulphur in those samples.

As well as the analysis of soils and sediments the LA-950V2 finds applications in the processing and QC of processed mineral products

The Ultima2 ICP-OES is renowned for providing the best resolution available in the ICP-OES world (vital for analysis of rare-earth containing materials) and for its ability to cope with complex matrices

Elemental Characterisation and Mapping:-
Rock segment grain boundaries
Sediment core phase analysis
Gemstone composition, structure and quality

Internal Structures of fossils, sediments etc
Provenance and diagenesis of rocks and minerals
Fractures, grain boundaries