Fluorescence Spectroscopy


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The DeltaTime TCSPC lifetime plug-in offers acquisition speed, flexibility, and affordability unavailable in any other hybrid fluorescence solution available. DeltaTime seamlessly integrates monochromators, polarizers, and other accessories with the widest array of sources (LEDs, laser diodes, supercontinuum lasers) and detectors (including NIR), providing lifetime coverage from 25ps to 1sec over wavelengths spanning the UV to NIR.

The culmination of over 40 years of lifetime experience, DeltaTime highlights include: the fastest sources (up to 100 MHz), the widest lifetime ranges (ps to sec), virtually unlimited configurability and advanced lifetime analysis software. DeltaTime is part of our Delta series...truly the next generation of fluorescence lifetime systems.


  • Fast…lifetime acquisition times from one millisecond
  • Sensitive…uses single-photon counting detection
  • Accurate…crystal locked timing circuits never require recalibration
  • Wide range…resolves lifetimes from 25ps to 1 second
  • Modular…easily reconfigured as measurement requirements evolve
  • Compact…desktop dimensions
  • Convenient…single USB 2.0 connection to PC

Manufactured by HORIBA




Minimum lifetime

25 ps with laser-diode source

30 ps with laser-diode source

Shortest acquisition time

1 millisecond*

100 milliseconds*

Diode controller

DeltaDiode and SpectraLED

NanoLED and SpectraLED

Repetition rates

  • 10 kHz–100 MHz with DeltaDiode*
  • 0.1 Hz–10 kHz with SpectraLED
  • 10 kHz–1 MHz with NanoLED
  • 0.1 Hz–10 kHz with SpectraLED

Prompt FWHM

<200 ps FWHM with PPD and laser diode

Dead time

10 ns

Time ranges

10 ns – 11 s

100 ns–11 s

Wavelength selection

Interchangeable filters (filters purchased separately from HORIBA or others)

Detector response

250–650 nm standard; 250–850 nm and 300–900 nm optional

PC interface

USB 2.0. PC not included. Requires Windows® XP or Windows®  7, 32/64-bit English language ver.

System footprint

75 cm * 45 cm nominal excluding PC (depending on options)

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