Fluorescence Spectroscopy


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FluoroHub A+


The FluoroHub A+ is the perfect tool for research labs routinely measuring fluorescence lifetimes <100ps. The FluoroHub A+ is also the best controller to fully take advantage of the available performance of MCP based TCSPC systems.

The FluoroHub A+ is simple to operate. It connects to any PC or laptop via a single USB 2.0 connection, since it does not require any PCI slots. This module measures lifetimes over 11 orders of magnitude without any additional cards or costly upgrades—perfect for multi-user facilities with many different application needs. And the entire system is controlled from our easy to use DataStation software.

For the ultimate performance in sub 100 ps lifetime measurements

  • Best timing resolution: 400fs/point
  • Low jitter: <3ps RMS
  • Shortest lifetime: 5ps
  • Large measurement range: 5ns to 22s


  • solve lifetimes from 5ps to 1 second (depending on source and detector)
  • Comprehensive sate-of-the-art analysis software
  • USB 2.0 data link
  • Ultra-low timing jitter (<10ps)
  • Connection to other components such as our optional DeltaDiode Picosecond light sources controller via downstream USB socket
  • Direct connection to our proprietary SpectraLED phosphorescence sources
  • Optional driver card for our NanoLED nanosecond light sources for legacy systems


  • FRET (Förster Resonance Energy Transfer)
  • Stern-Volmer quenching
  • Anisotropy
  • Protein fluorescence
  • Phosphorescence lifetimes and anisotropy
  • Acquisition of short lifetimes
  • Lanthanide luminescence

Manufactured by HORIBA


Minimum lifetime

5ps (with femtosecond laser
and MCP)

Measurement ranges


Electrical time resolution


Timing jitter

<10ps FWHM (<3ps RMS)

Maximum repetition rate

20MHz (recommended)

Maximum histogram size


Phosphorescence resolution


Interface USB



32-bit and 64-bit Windows


450 × 500 × 92mm
(W × D × H)




FluoroHubA Data

Measurement Techniques

DeltaDiode-405L IRF FHWM 34ps measured with CFD-2G and R3809 MCP-PMT

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