Fluorescence Spectroscopy


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FluorEssence™ for Windows® sets a new standard for fluorescence software. FluorEssence™ merges spectrofluorometer data-acquisition directly to the famous processing power of Origin® software.

Simple clicks let you select a scan type, accessory or bring back a complete experimental set-up.

Revolutionize the Way You Operate Your Spectrofluorometer:

  • Simplified windows make data-acquisition intuitive even to the casual user.
  • With detector algebra, assemble input signals from different detectors into unique equations (including arithmetic or transcendental functions) that produce data in a format tailored to your application.
  • Select the special Real Time Control (RTC) window to optimize your run parameters before actually scanning.
  • Free video tutorials make FluorEssence™ even easier to learn.
  • Run a variety of accessories including polarizers, microwell-plate readers, temperature baths, autotitrators, phosphorimeters, and more.
  • Automatic correction for blanks and lamp output.
  • Change units for temperature, wavelength, and slit-width with the click of a mouse.

FluorEssence™ also includes the powerful processing and data-management tools of Origin® to streamline your laboratory’s operation.

Data-viewing, plotting, processing and management are all available, including extensive import and export facilities, view manipulation and creation, arithmetic applications, peak-picking and integration, data-management and much more!


  • Data views in Workbook formats, keeping graphs, tables and notes together for each experiment
  • Zooming and scaling
  • Contour maps and profiles from 3D plots
  • Integration/DerivativeFit fluorescence data to Gaussian, Lorentzian, and custom curves
  • Standard arithmetic
  • 3D perspective
  • Smoothing
  • Deconvolute
  • Excitation/emission correction
  • Interpolation and extrapolation
  • Blank subtraction
  • Normalization
  • PLQY calculator wizard (for use with Quanta-Phi accessory)

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific


Click here for the FluorEssence™ and FluorEssence™ with TCSPC Version 3.9 Patch. (only for version 3.x and above)
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Last Updated : 8th June 2018

Click here for the FluorEssence™ 3.x Patch. (Japanese Version)
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Last Updated : 9th September 2015

Click here for the FluorEssence™ 2.5.2 Patch.
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Click here for the FluorEssence™ 2.5.2 Patch (Japanese Version).
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Click here for the FluorEssence™DS 2.5.2 Patch for systems with TCSPC.
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