Nitrous Oxide Monitoring for Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Greenhouse gases (GHG), which are considered to be one of the causes of the global warming, include carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and fluorinated gases.

In particular, various industries are required to reduce and manage the  N2O emissions, which impact on the warming the atmosphere is 298 times that of CO2.

For example, sewage treatment plants generate N2O during sludge incineration treatment and during wastewater treatment in raw-water tanks and sludge storage tanks. Meanwhile, industrial waste treatment plants and garbage disposal plants generate N2O during incineration. Although N2O reduction has become increasingly common by adoption  the latest equipment such as pyrolysis gasifying treatment, further reduction of N2O emissions is required through proactive monitoring.

   Sewage Treatment Facilities

   Waste Treatment Plants

        Chemical Plants

     Research & Development

Voice of Facility Management and Plant Manufacturers

  • Need to monitor N2O continuously and at high accuracy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

 ► Sewage treatment facilities

     - Sludge incineration: high-temperature cyclone, exhaust gas from stack

     - Water discharge: raw-water tank, sludge storage tank

 ► Incineration facilities at industrial waste treatment plants and garbage disposal plants

      - Fluidized-bed-type incineration system

    ► Manufacturing facilities at chemical plants

         - Production of nitric acid from ammonia

Voice of R&D Managers

  • Setup of analyzer needs to be easy to operate for R&D of N2O
  • Need to be able to conduct N2O research and studies in the field and in the lab

 ► Various research and development departments


Solutions from HORIBA

Lineup of N2O Analyzers by  Application

For On-site Continuous Monitoring

ENDA-5000 with N2O Specification

  • Highly accurate real-time measurement
  • Low downtime of analyzer


*Customization on request

For R&D Applications

VA-5000 with N2O Specification

  • Wide measurement range
  • Easy to setup for sampling

For On-site Simple Monitoring

PG-300 with N2O Specification

  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • On-site and lab measurement available


*Customization on request

Stack Gas Analysis System ENDA-5000
Multi-Component Gas Analyzer VA-5000 Series
Portable Gas Analyzer PG-300
Portable Gas Analyzer PG-300

Example of Total Emission Control System

Total Emission Control by Combining with Stack Gas Analyzer

By combining stack gas emission analyzer and N2O analyzer, a single system can fully control exhaust gas by measuring multiple  gas components (NOx/SO2/CO/CO2/O2/N2O) at the same time.

Total Emission Control by Combining with Stack Gas Analyzer

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