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We participate in the optimization of overall energy management and the realization of a safe and secure mobility society through bold global investments and extensive connections with academia and industry groups. At the end of 2020, we launched the Hydrogen Energy Project, a global cross-sectional organization. We respond to the demand for hydrogen energy, which will play an important role in a decarbonized society, in a multifaceted manner and at multiple locations.

Through these efforts, we are able to quickly identify the different needs, economic and technological development trends that are rooted in each country and region, and develop them on a global level, as well as share the same goals with our customers in each region, aiming to grow together.


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Global Labs and Investments

As a global company, we not only have more than 50 activity bases around the world, but also have central bases for technology development and business in major business areas, and the bases that can be called as "headquarters" of HORIBA's business are scattered throughout the world.

In the field of energy, we have development and production bases in major areas that control global trends, such as Japan, Europe, the U.S., and China, and our excellent engineers continue to work on the development of new technologies rooted in the needs of each region.

United States

HORIBA Institute for Mobility and Connectivity2

New UCI-affiliated research institute to integrate energy and mobility (California, Opened in 2021)



Develops and supplies various performance evaluation devices for fuel cells, electrolysis and batteries (Magdeburg Barleben, Acquired in 2018)



Supply high-voltage battery test equipment and power supplies, strengthening proposals for the energy market (Magdeburg Barleben, Acquired in 2021)

United Kingdom


Provides world-leading engineering services and development base for mobility development (Warwickshire and Nuneaton, acquired 2015)


New Facility in Jiading District of Shanghai

Directly grasping the needs of the Chinese market from production to development and service, and developing applications (Shanghai, scheduled for completion in 2021)


Biwako Automotive Test and Measurement Center E-LAB

Test center for one-stop solution for mobility development (Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, opened in 2016)


Analytical Solution Plaza

Placement of analytical equipment for each market and dissemination of the latest analytical applications (Kyoto City, to be opened in 2021)


HORIBA India Technical Center

For developping applications and customize products according to the needs of the Indian market (Pune, opened 2016).

Connections with Governments

We have been participating in projects led by governments of various countries, demonstrating its advanced technological capabilities. In addition, HORIBA's proactive business development in each country has been highly evaluated, and we have had opportunities to meet with and visit the leaders and dignitaries of each country. Here we will introduce some of our projects and news.


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) "H2Giga" Project

Of the three large-scale research and demonstration projects related to hydrogen technology, HORIBA FuelCon will participate in "H2Giga," which aims to mass-produce water electrolysis equipment (2021).


Saxony-Anhalt, Ministry of Economics, "E-Mobility-Campus"

The state of Saxony-Anhalt contributed about 30 million euros to establish an "E-Mobility-Campus" in the area of Magdeburg-Barleben, where the new HORIBA FuelCon building is located.


Awarded the "L'ordre national de la légion d'honneur"

Management that integrates technology and human resources from both Japan and France, and stable job creation through expansion of research and production bases were evaluated.


Honorary Member, French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan

Atsushi Horiba, as one of Japan's top business leaders, serves on the honorary committee that recommends and directs the development of Franco-Japanese relations.

United Kingdom

Wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise

MIRA Technology Park business won one of the UK's most prestigious awards, the Queen's Award for Enterprise, in the category of International Trade (2018).

United Kingdom

His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge Visits MIRA Technology Park

Requested to visit HORIBA MIRA to see our facilities for automotive research and development, and to experience the simulation of an automated vehicle proving ground.

United Kingdom

British Prime Minister May's Visit to China Accompanied by CEO of HORIBA MIRA

George Gillespie, then CEO of HORIBA MIRA, accompanied then Prime Minister May on her visit to China as one of the UK's automotive industry (2018).

Global Demand Trends for Fuel Cell / Electrolysis Evaluation Equipment

Policies to achieve carbon neutrality vary from country to country and region to region.
We are keenly aware of regional trends and changes based on its activity bases around the world, and provides advice in partnership with customers.

For example, in Europe such as Germany, inquiries for "Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) type water electrolysis" and "Alkaline type water electrolysis" are rapidly increasing. Recently, we are also seeing an increase in inquiries for high-power "Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell (SOEC)" water electrolysis for the purpose of synthesizing synthetic fuels (including methane) and chemical products by co-electrolysis of water and CO2.

In China, where the spread of fuel cell vehicles is accelerating, inquiries for PEM full stacks are overwhelmingly large, while in Japan, inquiries for solid oxide (SO) SOEC, PEM, and alkaline water electrolysis are on the rise, mainly for R&D.

Please refer also to "Movements, needs, strategies, and technological expectations toward a decarbonized society" page.

Cooperation with Industry Associations


FC Cubic


Japan Hydrogen Association (JH2A)


Hydrogen Europe



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