Direct Carbon Capture

We contribute to direct CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) capture based on the air monitoring and gas monitoring technologies developed over many years.

Technologies to achieve negative emissions, such as Direct Air Capture (DAC), which directly captures CO2 from the atmosphere, and Bio-Energy with CCS (BECCS), which combines biomass combustion and CCS, are gaining attention worldwide.

Table of Contents

Real-Time Atmospheric Monitoring of DAC Operating Environment

DAC is a technology that allows the selection of collection sites according to the intended use, and more efficient CO2 capture compared to afforestation and other CO2 reduction technologies. The concentration of CO2 captured by a DAC system is pretty low, the system itself needs to be operated near the CO2 storage and capture facility.  


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The continuous measurement of atmospheric gas composition at a particular location with the air monitoring system "AQMS" can contribute to the research and development and optimization of DAC.
Furthermore, various data analyses are possible by combining the system with the data management software "Eco-WEB", which centrally manages data collection, management, visualization, and reporting on a server.

CCS (CO2 storage)

Measurement of CO2 Storage Gas Concentration

Captured CO2 is stably stored in a "reservoir" located more than 1,000 m deep underground.


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The 51 Series infrared gas analyzers for process use are explosion-proof and can measure CO2 at the CO2 collection outlet (storage inlet) at all times.

Reduction of CO2 Emission

Reduce CO2 emissions in manufacturing and power generation through CO2 separation and capture and improved productivity

Carbon Recycling

Effectively utilize CO2 and waste plastics as chemicals, fuel, various materials or thermal energy

Carbon Capture and Utilization TOP

Contribute to various processes for recovering CO2 from its source and effectively utilizing it as a resource with our "measurement" technology


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