Fluorescence A-TEEM Method for Vaccines Characterization

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by Alessia Quatela, PhD, Adam M. Gilmore, PhD, and Linda H. Kidder, PhD, HORIBA Scientific


Beginn: 06/30/22

Ort: Online

Presented by Alessia Quatela, PhD, Adam M. Gilmore, PhD, and Linda H. Kidder, PhD, HORIBA Scientific

We will present several examples to highlight the capabilities of the fluorescence A-TEEM method, a novel approach which combines UV/Vis with fluorescence EEM spectroscopy. The benefit of this approach is the ability to provide robust and rapid spectroscopic characterization of vaccine components and vaccine formulations, samples that are extremely challenging to traditional spectroscopies, such as Raman and NIR. The Coronavirus pandemic applied historic pressure on vaccine development and production, collapsing development timelines from years to months, with many firsts in formulation and production. Requirements for product quality still had to be met though, highlighting the need for rapid analytical techniques to characterize vaccines from R&D to formulation development, and through manufacturing to final QA/QC. Spectroscopic techniques are known to be rapid and are therefore used extensively for PAT and QA/QC testing.

The fluorescence A-TEEM method is a unique alternative, combines high sensitivity and specificity, with limits of detection to 0.015 ug/mL, and data acquisition times typically under 60 seconds, able to identify and validate “unknown” samples with 100% certainty. In addition to vaccine formulations, we will present AAV characterization studies, where the A-TEEM was able to rapidly (<90sec) differentiate biotinylated AAV samples that are complexed with streptavidin-dye conjugates from uncomplexed AAVs.

What will audience learn from your presentation?

  • We’ll describe how the A-TEEM method works by combining UV/Vis and Fluorescence EEMs spectroscopy.
  • The audience will learn how this unique combination overcomes the limitations of each technique used on its own.
  • We will show how A-TEEM can be used for vaccine QA/QC, demonstrating repeatability and reproducibility, conformance with USP validation requirements, speed and sensitivity, and low limits of detection.
  • The A-TEEM has shown promise for the rapid characterization of AAVs.