Fluid Bed Processing: Drying, Agglomeration, Particle Coating

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Webinar Description

Fluid bed drying is a process by which particles are fluidized and dried. For the material to become fluidized, the particulates are placed under conditions that cause it to behave like a fluid. In a fluid bed drying system, air is passed through a perforated distributor plate which provides significant air flow to support the weight of the particles. This gentle drying technique is an ideal way to evenly dry particulates to specific moisture content and can be used for both fragile materials and for even the most robust materials.

In this joint webinar, Willie Hendrickson, Founder and CEO of the AVEKA Group as well as the President of the International Fine Particles Research Institute, will discuss in further detail the advantages of fluid bed drying and what instances this technique should be used over other drying processes.