Scientific: OEM

OEM Deep-Cooled Scientific Cameras

From Scientific CCD Cameras to OEM CCD high sensitivity detector Solutions for low light

Scientific Cameras (for spectroscopy, microscopy, and a range of applications) - CCD Camera Cooled Heads, Scientific CMOS Cameras, and OEM high sensitivity detector Solutions for low light.  HORIBA Scientific offers a complete line with the most sensitive scientific cameras and InGaAs multichannel detectors as well as UV, Vis and IR single channel detectors.

For high volume demand, we provide cost-effective miniature linear detector systems (CCD, CMOS PDA, InGaAs) and 2D arrays used in spectroscopy and imaging applications such as Absorbance, Fluorescence, Raman and Photoluminescence. CCD chips from E2V, Hamamatsu and Sony are offered in our CCD camera systems.

Syncerity BI-UV-VIS Camera

Syncerity BI-NIR Camera

Syncerity FI-UV-VIS Camera

Syncerity VUV Camera

Synapse EM Camera

EMCCD for low-light and ultrafast spectroscopy

Sylent Scientific CMOS Imaging Camera (4MP)

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