Particle Processing and the Value of Characterization

Webinar Description

Whether you are spray drying, reducing particle size, granulating or particle coating, process optimization can be a challenge as well as producing consistent results and troubleshooting when things go wrong. Small and seemingly inconsequential changes in size, shape, process, and environmental conditions, can have large changes in final product or production rates. Most of the time, there is no quick solution, but characterizing your raw materials and final products can provide guidance and understanding.

Join the CEO and Founder of AVEKA, Dr. Willie Hendrickson, as he discusses several particle processes and characterization methods that can help you to understand and control the final product. Practical examples will be presented in the areas of grinding (jet and ball milling), classification (air and simple screening), biomaterial separation and purification, powder coating for flow control, and spray drying. These examples will focus on processing of ceramics, glasses, polymers, biofibers, and food products. The specific processing challenges will be analyzed using microscopy (optical and EM), particle size measurement, thermal gravimetric analysis, and digital scanning calorimetry.

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