DZ-100 Ultra Thin Mass Flow Controller

Ultra-thin Mass Flow Controller

The DZ-100 inherits the same CRITERION™ technology—a differential pressure detection system for laminar viscous flow ranges—used on HORIBA STEC’s MFC, the D500. This innovative technology controls the mass flow of various gases with high precision. As with the D500, the user-configurable DZ-100 supports multi-range and multi-gas applications. The compact design of the MFC reduces the internal volume of the internal gas flow path, and the optimized control algorithm improves response characteristics. It uses a compact CPU with high processing capacity, and the piezo drive circuit and control CPU are installed in the MFC module while the power supply components are housed in a separate small control box. Up to four MFC modules can be controlled by connecting them with the dedicated miniature connectors.

Segment: Semiconductor
Division: Fluid Control
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd.

• Fast response (≦0.4 sec)

• Light weight, Compact(width: 10mm, height: 99mm)

• Expansion of operating supply pressure range

Full-scale flow rate (N2 conversion flow rate)80 SCCM ~ 2.9 SLM53 SCCM ~ 1.7 SLM11 SCCM ~ 450 SCCM
Operating inlet pressure370 ~ 900 kPa (A)240 ~ 369 kPa (A)110 ~ 239 kPa (A)
Operating differential pressure> 350 kPa (D)> 240 kPa (D)> 110kPa (D)
Operating downstream pressure≦ 13.3 kPa (A)≦ 53.3 kPa (A)≦ 13.3 kPa (A)≦ 53.3 kPa (A)≦ 13.3 kPa (A)≦ 53.3 kPa (A))
Control range1.0 ~ 100% F.S.2.0 ~ 100% F.S.2.0 ~ 100% F.S.4.0 ~ 100% F.S.5.0 ~ 100% F.S.10 ~100% F.S.
Flow rate accuracy *1,*2

±0.5% S.P. (20 ~ 100% F.S.)

±0.1% F.S. (1 ~ 20% F.S.)

±0.5% S.P. (40 ~ 100% F.S.)

±0.2% F.S. (2 ~ 40% F.S.)

±1.0% F.S. (5 ~ 100% F.S.)
Offset / Span stability±0.5% F.S. / year±1% F.S. / year±5% F.S. / year
Repeatability *1±0.3% S.P.
(10 ~ 100% F.S.)
±0.03% F.S.
(1 ~ 10% F.S.)
±0.3% S.P.
(20 ~ 100% F.S.)
±0.06% F.S.
(2 ~ 20% F.S.)
±0.3% S.P.
(20 ~ 100% F.S.)
±0.06% F.S.
(2 ~ 20% F.S.)
±0.3% S.P.
(40 ~ 100% F.S.)
±0.12% F.S.
(4 ~ 40% F.S.)
±0.3% S.P.
(5 ~ 100% F.S.)
±0.3% S.P.
(10 ~ 100% F.S.)
Valve typeNormally Closed / Piezo Actuator
Step-up flow response time *3,*4≦ 0.4 sec
Valve seat leak< 0.5% F.S.< 1.0% F.S< 2.0% F.S.
Proof pressure1.0 MPa (A)
Leak integrity≦ 5.0 × 10-12 Pa m3/sec (He)
Wetted materialsSUS316L, Ni-Alloy, PFA, PCTFE
Operating temperature15~45°C
Storage temperature0~80°C
Mounting orientationAttitude Insensitive
Temperature measurement accuracy±1°C (15~45°C)
Warm-up operation time> 30 minutes
Control interface *5DeviceNetTM Protocol
Power supplyMaster 1 PC, Slave (DZ-114S) 1PC : 8.2 VA (Slave 4.8 VA/PC) Up to 4 Slaves can be connected

*1 Flow rate accuracy and repeatability are guaranteed only for calibration gas and calibration full scale. (Outlet < 13.3 kPaA)

*2 Temperature range in which “accuracy” is guaranteed is in accordance with SEMI: E56-0309.

*3 Settling time is MFC output signal and N2 gas. Other detail definition follows settling time of SEMI Standard E17-1011 Section 4.1.4.

*4 Step up response time is confirmed in manufacturing calibration condition. Actual response time will be gas, flow and pressure dependent.

*5 Refer to the “DZ-114S DeviceNet™ Communication Manual” for details of communication.

Operating temperature15 ~ 45°C
Storage temperature0 ~ 80°C
Installation orientationAttitude Insensitive
Control interfaceShield type micro-connector (M12), DeviceNetTM Protocol
Connection interface4 Port interlocking position : Bottom of main body

DZ-104M Shield Type Micro Connector (M12)

Pin NumberSignal NameSpecification
2V+11-25 VDC, Rated Voltage: 24V
4CAN_HDeviceNetTM Protocol
*During the series of operations, the rated voltage is used. Use power supplies and cables that are conplance with ODVA.


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