HORIBA addresses the diverse challenges of customers by providing highly accurate and comprehensive analytical technologies, leveraging its in-house developed core technologies and sampling systems. Through a wide range of applications that utilize advanced analytical technologies and services, HORIBA actively contributes to research and development as well as productivity improvement in various industrial sectors. This includes endeavors towards achieving a carbon-neutral(CN) society through next-generation energy development and environmental conservation, as well as enhancing energy production efficiency through manufacturing process optimization, among other areas.

PEFC/SOFC의 실시간 가스 측정

FCV용 수소가스의 불순물 모니터링

2차전지 안전시험에서 발생하는 가스의 실시간 측정

전자산업 클린룸의 공기중 분자오염 모니터링

Monitoring of H2S Airborne Molecular Contamination in Semiconductor Fabrication

Monitoring of NH3 Airborne Molecular Contamination in Semiconductor Fabrication


Monitoring of CH4 Impurity in Ultra High Purity Oxygen for Semiconductor Industry


배기가스 탈황에 대한 SO2 모니터링

용광로 냉각관의 누수감지

제강 및 제련소의 입자상 물질 화학규격

온도계를 이용한 크레인의 이동안전성 향상

Quality Control in Medical Oxygen Gas Production and Verification


음료생산에서 황화물 비향료의 지속적 모니터링

바이오가스 발전을 위한 실록산 모니터링

공간미관 유지를 위한 바닥정비

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