Производственные процессы

Optical spectroscopic techniques are very sensitive and powerful. They are noninvasive, nondestructive, and can be used in-situ or remotely through fiber optic probes. Presently these techniques are used in a broad range of industrial applications. The list below is just a sampling of current classes of applications and the type of information that can be obtained. В этой сфере применяются следующие аналитические и инструментальные методы. Нажмите на квадратики для получения дальнейшей информации.


Drying / Hydration






Headspace in Vials / Reactors



High Throughput Screening / Multiwell Assays


In-Situ Depth Control of Deposition Processes



In-Situ Thin Film Monitoring and Control






Plasma Etch Advanced Process Control



Plasma Etch Depth Control (1-5 µm)



Plasma Etch Interface Detection



Plasma Monitoring and Endpoint Detection



Polymerization / Extrusion





Raw and Bulk Material Feeds



Reactor Monitoring


Slurries and Suspensions



Solutions / Reaction Mixes


Thin Film Growth or Etch Monitoring



Vessel Cleaning Effluents