Containers and Packaging

HORIBA offers high performance process monitoring and fluid control solutions. Specialized products for the measurement and control of fluids used both in the process or as part of the process are providing benefits in Quality Assurance, Productivity and Health and Safety.

HORIBA's core competencies in pH monitoring, conductivity measurements, liquid vaporization and fluid control are enabling companies to guarantee quality, provide solutions for sterilized packaging and monitoring environmental concerns with the use of toxic chemicals used in these processes.

HORIBA's extensive experience in managing fluids such as Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic Acid, Isopropyl Alcohol, Silane and many more potentially harmful chemicals resulted in our products being able to monitor concentration levels and assist in assuring levels do not exceed 'Immediate Danger to Life and Health' (IDLH) requirements.

It is not only HORIBA's fluid control products that are bringing benefits to the containers and packaging sector, HORIBA's recognized strength in measurement and analysis through its Spectroscopic capability is further supporting users with portfolio of proven measurement and analysis techniques used across various industries.

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