A-TEEM Molecular Fingerprinting: Beyond Fluorescence EEMs

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Beginning: 04/21/20

HORIBA Instruments has developed a patented optical spectrometer that is beginning to displace traditional analytical techniques, like HPLC and MS, for certain industrial QC/QA applications. It is a simple and fast optical technique that requires no sample preparation, saving time and money. The technique is referred to as A-TEEM molecular fingerprinting, with A-TEEM standing for Absorbance-Transmission fluorescence Excitation Emission Matrix.

This new A-TEEM technique provides true, traceable molecular fingerprints as well as precise quantification. This presentation will provide exciting results in the areas of wine and spirits phenolics, pharmaceutical analysis, olive oil adulteration, water and trace PAH oil analysis.

Presented by: Dr. Adam Gilmore, Applications Scientist, HORIBA Scientific
Aqualog® fluorescence and absorbance spectrometer