HORIBA STARS VETS excels with user-friendliness

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Vehicle Emission Test Systems (VETS) are indispensable for realizing emission measurements on chassis dynamometers.

For years now, HORIBA has successfully provided different automation systems for emission measurement to major OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and independent test facilities. However, in the ever-changing automotive industry, a test automation system has to constantly keep up with new legislation requirements, industry standards and trends. Based on the powerful STARS platform, HORIBA developed a new VETS generation that meets the rising demands of users and fulfills the requirements for future-proof software architecture. Apart from its user-friendliness, the application also offers high system stability and a real-time capability of up to 5 kHz. 

Intuitive operation for the user’s benefit

Despite the high degree of automation, STARS VETS can be operated intuitively and supports the user in all work steps, from test configuration to the treatment of the results. In addition, the new system includes further advantages such as excellent usability, flexible customization and new integrated editors. For example, the user-oriented framework has a modern design and an optimized user environment which helps minimize training effort and the time required. Moreover, the users can easily edit and create individual test procedures or configure their own driving profiles with the help of the so-called Test Procedures Editor. This important feature has a clearly structured interface, offers meaningful visualization of test sequences and can run at any workstation regardless of ongoing test operation.

Another powerful tool which provides consistent and transparent calculation of test results is the new Analysis Inspector. This supports the user by allowing a targeted search for potential faults such as measurement deviations or missing measured values. Furthermore, it helps achieve reproducible results and comply with current and future legal requirements.

 Versatile solution

The requirements of the upcoming Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) change the procedure followed by research and development. In addition, more and more vehicles will be tested for emissions on the road using portable emission measurement systems (PEMS) such as the HORIBA OBS-ONE Series. The demands made on testing tools are high since it is nearly impossible to repeat the results of a real road test of this kind and the driving profile has to be transferred from the road to the test cell. With STARS VETS supporting the current and upcoming WLTP standards as well as providing tools for RDE, HORIBA’s latest generation of automation systems is an advanced solution for future demands on test procedures.

HORIBA constantly refines and extends the features of automation systems by for example adding support for a cluster server, which enables different workstations to be connected and simplifies the handling of test procedures, testing resources and results for the user. 

STARS VETS was launched in Europe and Japan this year at the relevant Automotive Testing Expo and has been sold over 30 .

HORIBA STARS VETS - Vehicle Emission Test Systems