Atsushi Horiba Elected VLSI Research All-Star of the Chip-Making Industry for Management Contributions

|   Press Release

VLSI Research Inc. (stylized VLSIresearch) in the USA announced its 2017 All-Stars of the Semiconductor Industry, nine executives who made outstanding contributions to the semiconductor industry in 2017.

Mr. Atsushi Horiba, Chairman and Horiba Group CEO, HORIBA, Ltd., was among those selected.

With a history of some 40 years in semiconductor industry market analysis, VLSIresearch selects individuals through independent analysis.

Mr. Horiba was selected based on his contributions to HORIBA’s high production capacity and emphasis on customer interests.

He is also dedicated to taking advantage of HORIBA’s core technology in an effort to continue contributing to the development of the semiconductor industry.

VLSI Research Inc.