Reliable measurement of fuel consumption - the new FQ-3100DP from HORIBA

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With the new fuel consumption measurement system FQ-3100DP, HORIBA customers will be prepared for strict analysis processes

It minimizes the total uncertainty of measurement under real operating conditions in stationary and transient operating modes. Furthermore, it allows continuous measurement of volume and fuel consumption as well as mass flow consumption on engine, transmission and roller test benches. The FQ-3100DP meets all fuel conditioning requirements, thereby enabling optimally reproducible measurement results.

The new fuel consumption measurement system can be connected to various automation systems through a broad range of standard interfaces. The continuous evaluation of statistical data via the integrated control and evaluation unit also reduces test times at the engine test bench. Furthermore, the product performs dynamic measurements at high frequency and guarantees fast and automated verification of the measurement results. 

The FQ-3100DP integrates automated functions for flushing and venting and can cover a wide range of applications without any further system modifications. The options for special applications have also been expanded. For example, heating options, a deep-freeze option and remote pressure control are among the new solutions that ensure accurate performance. The user-friendly touch panel visualizes the system status as well as all measurement data and settings, making it easier to review and parameterize the data. In addition, together with the HORIBA DP flowmeter, a servo-controlled displacement meter, the system achieves the highest accuracy over the entire measuring range, even up to the smallest flow rates. 

Fuel Flow Measurement FQ-3100DP Mechatronics
Fuel Flow Measurement FQ-3100DP Mechatronics