HORIBA Strengthens Production System for Mass Flow Controllers in Korea

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Aiming to expand market share through local production of high-end models

HORIBA STEC KOREA, Ltd. (hereinafter HORIBA STEC KOREA) is a subsidiary of HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd., which leads the semiconductor segment of the HORIBA Group. HORIBA STEC KOREA, which is responsible for the semiconductor segment in Korea, will strengthen the production system for its main product, mass flow controllers (MFC).

The model to be produced in Korea is the D500 series, a high-end pressure insensitive MFC slated for mass production from June 2021. HORIBA STEC KOREA aims at establishing a monthly production capacity of 1,000 units, a figure which includes the models it currently produces locally, by the end of 2021.

The HORIBA Group, which holds about 60% of the global MFC market (based on internal research as of December 2019), seeks to further expand its market share by advancing efforts to strengthen its supply capacity on a global level. 


Because the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred an increase in teleworking and accelerated investments related to 5G technology, there is currently a high demand for semiconductors. Furthermore, the market scale in South Korea is expanding with the recent emergence of local producers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, in addition to the local presence of world-class semiconductor manufacturers.

At HORIBA STEC KOREA, which opened its new facility in May 2017, various initiatives to advance production technology have come to fruition, paving the way to produce the high-end model D500 series locally. Given these circumstances, we decided to strengthen the production system to enable products to be supplied more timely, thus meeting the needs of our customers and achieving further business growth.


HORIBA STEC KOREA is located about 40 kilometers south of Seoul in Yongin City, an area which hosts many IT-related companies. In addition to the production and sale of MFCs, the company develops applications in response to customer-specific requirements at its R&D Center, which opened in December 2019.

D500 Series Pressure Insensitive MFC

The MFC, which performs precise control over gas supply lines, serves as a key component for semiconductor manufacturing equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing processes such as deposition and etching. The D500 series is a high-end MFC that achieves high accuracy and high-speed response through flow control by detecting pressure differences in the supplied gas. It contributes to the semiconductor industry by meeting the high standards customers demand against the backdrop of recent advances in multi-layering and miniaturization of memory ICs and logic ICs.

D500 Series Pressure Insensitive MFC