HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE Completes Construction of New Head Office Building

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Strengthening Business by Selling Experiences Through Application Proposals and Consultation

HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE”), a group company of HORIBA, Ltd. (hereinafter, “HORIBA”), which is responsible for providing such services as product maintenance and contract analysis, on February 5, established its new head office building, which will serve as a global hub for the service business, on a site adjacent to HORIBA in Kyoto.
With a view to strengthening and expanding the service business both within and outside of Japan, HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE has expanded its analysis laboratory, which doubles as a showroom, and opened it as the Analytical Solution Plaza, while also consolidating and expanding facilities for a full range of functions, including training and calibration facilities. HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE networks with HORIBA Group companies across 29 countries and regions to accelerate the establishment of Service Life Cycle Management, which provides everything from monitoring the operating statuses of customer products to operational support for equipment and consulting on analysis technology. HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE is committed to creating high-value-added services supportive of customers in all aspects, including contract testing, joint research, and training.

Major functions of the new hub

  1. Creation of “chemical reactions” with customers through the Analytical Solution Plaza
    The area of the analysis laboratory Analytical Solution Plaza that also functions as a showroom has been approximately doubled from its previous size. Spaces have been set aside for each of HORIBA’s key market fields of its Mid-Long Term Management Plan 2023, such as environment, energy, advanced materials, and life sciences, and each area has been upgraded with additional analytical equipment. In the life sciences area, it is now possible to analyze bio samples that were previously difficult to handle, such as human-derived cultured cells and exosomes,*1 and fungi. The Analytical Solution Plaza connects 17 analytical laboratories around the world among HORIBA Group and uses highly technical skills and years of know-how unique to a dedicated manufacturer of analysis and measurement instruments to propose applications in response to customer-specific needs, conduct contract analysis, and promote joint research and development.

    In June 2021, sand and rock samples collected from the asteroid Ryugu by Hayabusa2 are scheduled to be analyzed at this laboratory.
  2.  Strengthening the training business and improving the service levels globally
    The training center has been expanded to 1.6 times its previous size and new studio functions for online training have been introduced to help prevent infection during the COVID-19 pandemic. This center will be used to host HORIBA products seminars and training using actual equipment for customers. It will also serve as a base for training service engineers from HORIBA Group locations both within and outside of Japan, thereby improving the group’s customer support levels globally.
  3. Centralizing information and seeking to provide high-value-added services
    The Analytical Solution Plaza will centralize information regarding customers around the world, while integrating the following facilities on the same floor: technical support center for performing analyses; customer support center responsible for customer service; and calibration and product maintenance services. Customer requests are handled in a one-stop manner. HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE also plans to introduce new equipment for calibrating gas flow rates of motor exhaust gas analyzers, which was formerly carried out at the development and production center in HORIBA, Ltd., Shiga Prefecture, Japan. In addition to rapidly sharing knowledge and strengthening collaboration across service bases around the world, HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE will seek to provide high-value-added services such as ISO17025*2 certified calibration.
  4. Hybrid office that promotes communication and adapts to diverse work styles
    The office floor incorporates schemes conducive to activity-based working, including remote working, so that employees can work in areas best suited to the nature of the job. This includes a silent area, a meeting area, a web meeting area, and a collaboration area.
    The office adopts a layout that encourages inspiration through face-to-face encounters and facilitates spontaneous communication.

Message from Hiroo Chihara, President and CEO of HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE

Completion of the new head office building comes in a year that is most appropriate for making a fresh start, exactly 20 years since HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE was established in 2000. The customer needs that our services are required to address have become increasingly diverse due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the global hub for the HORIBA Group’s services, we will accelerate establishment of Service Life Cycle Management, in which we provide services through to consultation on analysis technology in addition to operational support for our customers' products and equipment. We will continue to provide high-value-added services as a solution partner for our customers.

About the new Head Office

Name: Kyoto Head Office, HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE Co., Ltd.
Location: 2 Miyanohigashi, Kisshoin, Minami-ku, Kyoto, 601-8305, Japan
Site area 3,439.33m2
Total floor area: 7,548.99m2 (six-storied)
Construction to start: November 1, 2019
Total investment: Approx. 3.8 billion yen
The head office functions of HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd., which specializes in water quality analysis equipment, will also move to the fourth floor of the new building.


Location: 2 Miyanohigashi, Kisshoin, Minami-ku, Kyoto, 601-8305, Japan
Establishment: March 21, 2000
Capital stock: 0.25 billion yen
President and CEO: Hiroo Chihara
Headcount: 562 (As of the end of April 2020)
Line of business: Maintenance of measurement equipment / instruments and systems for medical-diagnostics and other applications, and sale of their components and reagents

*1 Exosome
A granular substance measuring 50 to 150 nm in diameter (nanometer: 1 billionth of a meter) that is secreted from cells and is responsible for carrying information between cells.

*2 ISO17025
This standard, certified by an authoritative third-party certification organization, certifies that testing and calibration laboratories are capable of generating accurate measurement/calibration results.

The new head office building of HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE
The Analytical Solution Plaza